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My name is Nicole Valencia, I’m FINALLY 21 years old (as of yesterday). I was born and raised in Elmhurst, Queens but come from Colombian parents.



The picture I posted above is of my parents and I before leaving on a trip to Mexico last summer. I have an older brother which is 27 years old, he’s a firefighter.  My main interest consists of salsa music in general, either listening to it or dancing it. Ever since I could I remember dancing has been my thing. It’s the one thing I can actually find a passion for. I would’ve loved to have joined a professional academy but 1. they’re extremely expensive, specially when you have to perform shows 2. the practices take too much of your time. As of now I just dance for fun, I like to learn new moves, watch videos of professionals that dance in Cali, which is the city in Colombia that specializes in salsa dancing.

This is my second year in City Tech and I’m currently finishing my pre-requisites for my Nursing major. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of a career in the medical field. Originally I wanted to be a doctor but as time passed by I realized nursing was more the career for me. I love helping others, whether it’s being able to physically help someone feel better or emotionally. Other than doing something that would make me feel happy and useful, I also found it to be a more economically stable job. I love that the medical field is a rare field where you’ll find yourself without a job, so that’s one of the main reasons why I went down this path. Dancing is my passion but I realized it wasn’t the smartest choice to make over Nursing, since it’s not a stable career. I hope to one day be able to dance professionally, even if it’s a second job or just a hobby.

My strength is mostly as a writer, I’m great at grammar and spelling. Writing essays also tends to be one of the things I do best. As a reader my main weakness is that I tend to skim through what I have to read and rarely get an understanding of what I just read. I mostly enjoy reading non-fictional books, I usually go for biographies of young adults who have gone through tragedies in their lives. I dislike having to read about ancient history, I personally find it boring. My background with using technology is pretty good, I tend to do everything from shopping to paying my bills through either my phone, laptop or IPad. I didn’t know anything about utopias, dystopias, or science fiction before our last class meeting. I’m taking this course because it is one of the pre-requisites for the Nursing program I plan on transferring to in another school. I hope to gain better reading and writing skills through this course. Mainly reader since it is one of my weaknesses. It has been a while since I last read a real book!

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  1. Hi Nicole! I love salsa music/dancing too! What school are you planning to transfer to continue your nursing degree?

    I hope that you’re enjoying the course so far 🙂

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