Brave New World.

The book “Brave New World” reminds me of something i have read in the past or maybe it was the same book, am just not sure.

All the  short stories that we have read so far and the first 5 chapters of this book all have a similarities. Like soma, the drug soma was also mentioned in Le Guin, also the idea of sexuality and orgys were also mentioned in one of Le Guin’s short stories. While i made this observation, i thought about how most of these utopia created places have all of this. When we think of a utopia, the most common idea would be perfect. But in my opinion the world in this novel is horrible. The way human life is controlled to the point where, they make you as smart or dumb as they choose or think u belong in. In the first chapter the way they treat human life or think of it is pretty much inhumane. They make humans sound like machines especially when they speak about the gametes producing ninety-six identical twins designed to manage identical machines.

Another part that also impacted me was how they put alcohol when the process of fertilization is going on to control the smartness of the human. And when they shock the babies with electricity to make them scare of books and flowers so when they grow old they ever read to gain knowledge. The method they use to make babies scare of books, and flowers was used in real life by an actual psychologist. In this society everything and everyone is so controlled by the superiors. The way they are born, where your born, how you look, what your life is like.  The government has a tight control over everyone including the economical part. Referring back to the part where they would shock babies when they would touch a flower so they could grow fear for flowers. The only reason why they would do that was to control the economic expenses these babies would make when they were older. Its kind of the way you train a dog to do tricks. In this novel technology has taken over the world so much that human life is no longer valued. So far we know about humans being born from test tubes in control places, to be born a certain way.

I think the biggest theme in this utopian dystopian novel is perfection. Machines tend to do everything to perfection. Just because they are designed to do one thing and one thing only. Just how all these babies where being created they had a purpose even before they were born. This “perfect” is controlled by its superiors. The controversial thing the author did her though was introduce a character like Bernard. Who unlike everyone else is a misfit in many ways. He looks different and thinks different. He is like an outcast among his own group. Its very hard to create a utopia with human, because we are all so different and have different ideas of whats good for us.

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