The first diary entries of the book “We” by Yeveny Zamyatin we really confusing , until the third entry. When D-503 explains a little more in depth of what is taking place in the novel.  Although some of the entries were hard to understand i did catch on to a few similarities from “Brave New World.” One of the first ones i was able to see was the fact that where D-503 lives is called “One State” while in brave new world it was called “World State”. The world state probably has a very big meaning to these name to these place. When i wen further on to looking up the definition of the actual word “State” , the definition was “the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time” (google). It made a lot of sense that these places had incorporated the word within there name, because of the setting and also how each book created there settings.

Another things i also found similar to World State is how in One State they also have assemblies where they sing  and kind of get together. Just how in world state they had those gathering where they would take soma and have orgys. In One State they also worship one thing as a whole. In World State it was Ford, and here its math and music; but mostly math. The word savage is very commonly use through the diary entries of D-503. One State’s setting in located away from earth and everything that they there refer to savage is mostly people in the old times.

What i find strange about this place is how they are all sort of like robots and are numbered instead of named, how we would find normal. Although this seems like a very strict and tight run society, they also seem to have a bit more freedom than World State. This society is definitely more controlled because here they all wake up, eat, go out and got to sleep at the same time.  The way they use time is more of a at 21, or at 22 etc. This is military time, which can be seen as a symbol of strictness just like in the military everyone awakes, eats, and goes to sleep all at the same time without other options.

It seems like in every utopian theme book or story the idea of sex being very common is never lost. We are able to experience this agin in this story with the Sexual Department pg 22. The characters of this novel seem to have more knowledge of life and our current life than the characters of Brave New World, who seemed ignorant to everything except World State.

There are still many ideas from the book that i don’t seem to quite understand like when D-503 talks about the X in the eyes of I-330. But in general its very easy to see what many believe a utopia is like. Technology a lot of rules or at least strictly run, and  equality.

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