Brave New World 6-9

I am not sure how off i can be in my comparison. But i was thinking that Huxley name Bernard Marx with a purpose to kind of relate to the famous philosopher Karl Max, who was a big sociolist. Karl Max’s theory of class struggle, is similar to the classes they have in this society. Where some are less than others, they work more and get less. Then they have the superior class like the Betas and Alphas. Who even look better. In this society you are pretty much marked by the class you are chosen to be in. The famous Karl Marx always struggles in accepting this way of society lived around him. Just how Bernard lives, some what frustrated in his society and the way everything is handled.

The moment John and Bernard met in the story is probably the climax of the book. Because all this time Bernard has felt lost in this society. Feeling like he has no control. He feels like everyone is so brainwashed in the way things are designed in World State, that no one will ever see what he see’s and he will always be the outcast. But once he meets John everything changes because now he had something against the Director so he is not sent to iceland. This is probably when there is going to be more of a downhill of events occurring. Now things will be more in conflict since a member of the society had the experience of being a mother, and has probably experienced emotions and attachment, which are all things World State has tried to get rid of. The idea of having not real emotions towards each other or attachments has allowed them to prevent many conflicts, and have more control of there society.  John and Bernard have similar problems. They have many things in common ,but the main thing is that neither one fits in where they live. John is seen as an outcast in the reservation because of his mother promiscuous behaviors and her natural  way of being.SInce she really isn’t from their she is use to World State ideology of life.   Bernard is seen as an outcast because of his looks, and also because he is somewhat a rebellious.

The fact that Huxley Allows us to view both side World State and the reservation. We can see that the ideals ways of life are really created by how your are raised to be. The people from the reservation will always see John and his mother as outsiders. Her ideals of life are frown upon. Especially the idea of her sleeping with so many different men in the reservation. While in World State this is considered normal. When things like these are presented the idea of utopia being accomplished is to proved to be impossible. Not everyone agrees with the way World State runs their society. Since being a mother in this society was frown upon and now Linda is going to be a big conflict in her society. She is going to be a reason why many others might start to have questions.

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