Bernard’s Rise and Destruction

These next few chapters are pretty ironic , or at least that’s how I see.Chapter 10 starts off with the humiliation of the Director.Bernard uses Linda and John as leverage over his¬†imminent exile to Iceland.He shows to everyone in the fertilization center that the highly respectable Director shows love and affection to one person and even had a “Child” and made Linda the “mother” of John. I feel that since the realization of Linda being that long lost woman that the Director went with to the savage reservation Bernard used it as revenge. I believe Bernard might have planned it from the very start.

“for the first time in his life , treated not merely normally ,but as a person of outstanding importance.” pg 144 – third paragraph.Bernard feels important again in his caste ( society in general ). There were no more rumors being spoken about alcohol being added to his test tube or the fact that he is smaller and uncomparable to the other Alphas. Moreover people became friendlier to him and people seeked him out. Those who despised him and disliked him became his good friends. He was praised from high figures in the World State such as the Chief Bottler , the Director of Predestination and Deputy Assistant Fertolizer-Generals. He began to meet more women , ” and i had six girls last week” he states on pg 145.His self esteem was reborn anew .This is ironic because we all knew him as the individual who wanted nothing to do with others. He disliked taking soma and participating in events with others , for example wanting going out on a date with Lenina walking alone with her at a park.But his self glory of bringing a savage (John) over to be studied by the World State has gotten the best of him. His best friend Helmholtz did not care at all about his glory.I find this ironically amusing to see him become what he hated the most.

In between this Bernard wrote a report to Mustafa Mond . He writes to Mond agreeing with John that civilized infantility is too easy , or not expensive enough. Mond becomes enraged and then laughs , if anyone understood what happened here please do explain.

Now we reach the total destruction of Bernard Marx. He promises to everyone to attend his party and they get to meet John. John is , from what I believe , disgusted and angry with Bernard. It seems that John has caught on that Bernard might not have any interest in him as a friend but as a tool to impress others.Bernard wails and pleads to John to come out and meet his guests.After futile attempts Bernard gives the bad news to the guest of John’s attendance.His guests become enraged and feel they have been lied to all along . Bernard’s standing in his caste and society has now crumbled to nothing , back to the same state he was in the beginning of the book.He tries to apologize but no one listens.i believe he always wanted to be liked by his fellow caste members. The reason why he felt so different or why he did things differently was because of the constant mockery that the other Alpha’s ensued on him.I kind of felt bad for Bernard all he wanted was to fit in with the rest of the caste.I can’t wait to see what becomes of Bernard after this event.

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