Brave new World chapters 6-9

Thought out these three chapters there were a few things taking place. For starters , they start in then beginning of chapter six, with Lenina wondering whether to go with Bernard to the savage reservation, she was doubtful in going because she was thinking of how “odd” Bernard was, and if it was worth going with him, Or to go to the North Pole with another guy.  I felt the reason why she choose to go with Bernard was mostly because , for people to actually get a permit to go to such a place was rare, and she didn’t want to let the opportunity go. After this There’s this weird moment in which Bernard and Lenina was in a helicopter ride of a little adventure that Bernard and Lenina had in a helicopter. It seems that Bernard wanted to try out something, and that he wanted to observe the ocean was at a very close view. He wanted to stop the propeller and be very close to the waves. And of course Lenina was freaked out by this, and she was very shocked at what he was doing. After this incident I felt as if the main focus was on a characters past, which was the directors or Thomas as they named him. I felt as we got a view of a secret he had. He had explained of the adventure he had gone on with a girl he was with at the time. He mentioned her hair being Yellow. He explained that for some reason he had gone to sleep and she as well, but she went for a walk and got lost. Afterwards he woke up and tried finding her but no use. She had disappeared. I felt as The Director was telling his story he got carried away and as soon as he noticed what he had told Bernard about himself, he got angry at himself for saying such a personal story for himself. I felt as if he was covering something. “Don’t imagine,’ he said, ‘that I’d had any indecorous relation with the girl. Nothing emotional, nothing longdrawn. It was all perfectly healthy and normal.(Huxley, 95)” As the story went on, Bernard and Lenina were at the savage reservation. And from what I saw Lenina couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the dirtiness she was seeing and she couldn’t stand it , so she decided to use the Soma as a way to not feel the change so drastic. After this they go to a ritual and we see they start to wipe a child and Lenina was so horrified by it. Lenina was so horrified by it that she said: “Too awful! That blood! Sjphe shuddered. Oh , I wish I had my soma.(Huxley, 110) ” She wants the soma so she doesn’t feel any emotions. They then meet this Guy named John. Bernard then asked to tell him about himself and what catches Bernard’s attention is that John starts to mentioned about his mother and how she wasn’t from this place, she had come with a Guy to visit the Savage reservation and She ended up wondering off on her own on the Mountains and Bernard hearing this got him really interested. He said while she was walking and she fell hitting her head. People later found her and she couldn’t remember Who Thomas was. Now Linda was going through some hard things because she started living there, and she did the things she used to do in the Other place, where she was from. For example sleep with other men , she thought it was normally fine to do that, but for the women that lived there, they didn’t. That was a wrongful thing to do. Throughout the chapter we see, it has been hard for Linda. She was used to drinking soma, but since she didn’t have it anymore she started drinking something similar to that, Mescals was the name of it. It was similar but the difference was that Mescals left you with a sick feeling the next day. It hasn’t been easy for Both John and Linda.

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