The Influences D-503 got in his life

The Book WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin was a curious book to read, especially focusing on the main character, which was D-503, notice, how the main characters name is a number instead of being a name. In the One State, D-503 is the engineer of building the integral (spaceship), which the one state will be using to introduce other planets of their way of living. D-503 lives in the One State, ruled by the Benefactor. He has a high position in the One state and is asked to record Journals of he way of living. While reading this book you have to notice the main character’s way of seeing things. The way his mentality is changed. D-503 being introduced to a girl named I-330 causes him to question his way of living, causing him to intend to betray of One State.

Claim 1

I-330 makes D-503 fall for her, making him discover a feeling he had never encountered before by consuming something that is not allowed in the One State.

“a mouthful of fiery poison flowed into me- then more, and more…I broke away from the earth….rushed down, down, along an unknown, uncalculated orbit…it has never occurred to me before..(56)”.

Claim 2

On unanimity Day I-330 caused uproar by voting Against the Benefactor with a group of people causing a side of D-503 to wake up.

“Who is against?’…It took one hundredth of a second: I saw thousands of hands swing up-“against”-and drop. I saw the pale, cross-marked face of I-330, her raised hand. Darkness fell on my eyes. (143)”.

Claim 3

D-503 falling in love for 1-330 makes him leave behind everything he once believed good of the One state.

“Well, you are sick, you have committed crimes because of me… And now, the Operation-and you will cure yourself of me…Well, im waiting. Make your choice: the Operation…or… ‘ I cannot…without you. I want nothing without you (185)”.

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