The Savage’s Last experience in the World State

It’s crazy that I finished reading this book already. It was an unusually book to read, I wouldn’t have guessed I would have read a book like this one. Reading the last chapters were good. I felt as if our main character which was Bernard is not the main character anymore, now I feel that John is the main character. Some things occurred, and I honestly didn’t expect the ending to be the way it did. Throughout the last chapters we saw the death of Linda, Johns reactions to it,the experience John had before he also killed himself.

As I was saying before, the main character ended up being John. This whole time I expected Bernard to be the one mainly getting focused on but, by the end of the book, Bernard ended up being another simple side character. And all the attention was given to John. and it all started when his Mother was dying slowly . We see that As soon as John received the news that his mother was about to die he went to the hospital. In this scenery, they show us the way a person from the savage reservation acts and the way a individual from the world state acts. “Oh, look,look!” ‘They spoke in low, scared voices.’ “Whatever is the matter with her? Why is she so fat? (Huxley, 183)” for us this would be really rude, for a kid to walk up to a person that is about to die and start asking random question of her appearance. But in this book, this is normal and of course John being all sad and for him to hear this from a child, he’s going to get angry and because of this I guess he hit a child and The nurse got mad at him. “The Savage’s voice was trembling with indignation. ‘What are these filthy brats doing here at all? It’s disgraceful’ (Huxley, 184)” this was what John told her and instead of trying to quietly take the kids away she started arguing to him that he was interfering with their conditioning. “They’re being death-conditioned (Huxley, 187) meaning they were Showing the children at young age that Death wasn’t a sad thing, but a non emotional thing. But when they saw the way John got when he noticed Linda wasn’t responding to him, he reacted hysterically and started weeping his mothers death. “The nurse stood irresolute, looking now at the kneeling figure by the bed ( the scandalous exhibition!) and now (poor children!) at the twins who had stopped their hunting of the zipper and were staring from the other end of the ward, (Huxley, 187) ” the nurse instead of understanding the reacting John ahead taken , she felt bad for the children that had witness this.

Before Linda died there was a sort of fight going on between John and Linda, ” Her lips moved. ‘Pope’ she whispered again, and it was as though he had had a pailful of ordure thrown in his face. (Huxley, 185)” this was really sad. It gave me pity for John, not only was he the only one there for Linda, but She didn’t even notice it he was. He got angry at this because out of all people, the only name she kept repeating was Pope’s name. But when she noticed who he really was, it was too late She had passed away.  After this John got even more bad news, Bernard and Helmhontz where being send to two different islands , and when he wanted to go as well, the controller denied it, and told him he wanted to continue with the “experiment”. Now it seemed as if everything close to John was slipping out of his hands slowly. He decided to isolate himself and for some reason, he felt as he wasn’t wordy of living, as the author said : “but who was he to be pampered  with daily and hourly sight of loveliness? Who was he to be living in the visible presence of God? All he deserved to live in was some filthy sty, some blind hole in the ground. (Huxley, 219)” he later started to whip himself and some reporters started to asked him why he did it, he didn’t want anyone near him , and later one it got worse, more people decided to come and asked for the whip. And what happens later one is that it’s turns into a whole orgy-porgy thing and many saw this as a fun thing to do, but John was doing it to punish himself and the others turned it into this whole other thing. The next day….. He wasn’t happy with what was left in his mind and he hanged himself up. Such tragedy to see what happen to this innocent and curious guy. There were other points throughout the chapters but I felt these were points I got more Intrigued by.

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