Brave New World 1998

While I was reading Brave New World I pictured it to be different from the movie. The book had a lot of details that made it easier to create imagery. One major difference from my interpretation and the 1998 movie version was the hatchery, I thought it would look like today’s hospitals bright and white but in the movie it was extremely dark. I expected the room to be all white and bright, the test tubes were just how I thought they’d be. The movie was very dark as far as lighting goes, which I thought since “everyone belongs to everyone else,” everything would be out in the open so a lot of light would be needed. The dark light in the movie to me seemed as though they were trying to hide something, whereas, if there were to be more light it would emphasize the “freeness” they claimed to have.

I think Helmholtz not being in the movie wasn’t a good idea, only because it would have been nice to see the bond he had with Bernard and John. The friendship and attachment the three men had to one another would have made the movie stronger. Bernard could have been made to look more of an outcast because I feel as though he blended in with everyone else around him and in the book everyone looked at him because of his weird appearance.  Lenina in the movie looked modern yet plain, in the movie she only wore green but was high fashioned. I think the reason why the director might have done this was to make it more realistic and appealing to the audience so that they might be able to relate. I did like the window’s however, the way one was able to change what they wanted to see based on their mood. Although I did like the windows, I wondered why would they want to see these pleasant images. They live in such a “perfect world” they should want to see it all the time and not see something else. I did like how they showed the conditioning of the kids, which was very similar to how I pictured it to be.

I didn’t understand why the director made a big emphasizes on that one particular child. At one point I thought that was Bernard when he was younger and the movie was him in the future but then I ruled it out. Maybe the director did it to be a cliffhanger and/or to show that there would always be someone different just like Bernard no matter how hard you try not to have someone like him in the society. Also, Linda wasn’t that bad looking, I pictured her to be extremely fat, horrible teeth, her hair I think did look bad in the movie. The reservation looked more like the city, maybe an hour away from the World State, not a helicopter ride away. I pictured to be jungle like, maybe a forest, because I remember the details describing it mentioning a lot of green. Also in a conversation john and Bernard were having in the reservation john pointed to a mountain, and he also talked about learning how to make pottery by a lake which none were shown in the movie. If the director would have depicted the reservation how it was in the movie maybe the differences would have been easier to see to a person who has never read the book. Had I not read the book I would have thought john was just from a low class neighborhood and the World State was a high class neighborhood.

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