No Such Thing as a Utopia?

In these 4 final chapters of “Brave New World” a lot of events transpired. To start of chapter 14, John sees his mother Linda die. The other people in the hospital, at least the younger ones, question why she looks so ugly and gross. John then starts arguing with the nurse, and she feels threatened.  Linda then dies off and John starts hysterically crying. He is surrounded by what I gathered to be very young children. To help the children try not to think about this whole ordeal, they start handing out soma to them. John starts to burst into an outrage saying phrases like “Don’t take that horrible stuff, it’s poison” (Huxley,191). He then takes all of the soma tablets and starts to throw them off the roof. This starts to stir conflict in this huge crowd thats forming and they start to rush John. Bernard and Helmholtz go to defend him. Low and behold this police type force shows up with more drugs administered by airborne machinery and water pistols with some type of anesthesia. The whole mess is taken care of and the story continues.


Out of everything that took place in these 4 chapters. That whole part just stood out. Throughout the whole novel we are told that they condition their people to be calm, happy and peaceful and not to think too much. They control this by means of soma and other pleasure practices to keep everyone very mellow. If this is what the World State was trying to achieve, then why was there this police for in the 1st place? The World State supposedly is attempting to create this utopian society in which everyone is happy and nothing bad happens. They have the idea that having individuals in society causes instability which in their minds leads to an uncivilized society. If they wanted to achieve this so bad then why do they have places such as the savage reservations and the islands?Even if they acknowledge that they exist, why do they allow the citizens from them into their society? Is that not the exact opposite of the goal of the World State? When someone goes from one type of society to another, they bring with them their ideals and traditions along with them. This is shown multiple times in the novel. Such as when Linda was stranded in the savage reservations. The traditions that the World State had are almost the exact opposite of the savage reservation. This is the same when John visits the World State. He brings all of his ideas from the reservation to the World State and this causes a huge case of instability in the World States mind. Is the police force there because the controller knows that there is no way possible that there can be a true utopian society without there being some type of variable in the situation? I think that the controller knows that no matter how hard they try, they will never achieve the perfect utopian society.


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