John’s Downfall

We start off the next few chapters with Jonh’s mother Linda dying. Throughout chapter 14 we witness a bit more of the differences between what is a norm for a savage and what is norm from someone from the World State.

We see John get extremely sad and frustrated with the fact that his mother is dying. In the text it states ” Undoing all their wholesome death-conditioning with to disgusting outcry-as though death were something terrible” (Huxley Pg.187). In the World State death is seen as something that is welcomed. While the savage sees it as something sad and this causes an effect on the children that are being conditioned to welcome death.

John’s mothers death has caused a big impact on him and we see this as in the following chapter he starts taking big risks. An example of this in the text is where it says ” But his mind was elsewhere-with death, with grief, and his remorse; mechanically, without consciousness of what he was doing” (Huxley Pg.189).

I feel as if his mother dying was the last straw for John. He then goes on to cause a huge commotion in public. The topic of freedom in the book comes back to play when John states he wants to free the people by throwing away soma. He says “Free, free!” (Huxley pg.193).

John was joined in this commotion by Helmholtz. We see that Bernard did think about joining his friends but didn’t want to suffer the consequences that came along with it. They were all taken to speak to the World Controller Mustapha Mond.

John has encountered someone who I feel he can finally actually have a intellectual conversation with. We see John mention God and Mond’s reply to that. John says ” But if you know about God, why don’t you tell them?” (Huxley pg.208). Mond goes on to say that God is old and that men change. They go on to talk about many different topics mainly revolving around religion, society, and being civilized.

At the end of this chapter we see Mond ask John ” you’re claiming the right to be unhappy” (Huxley Pg.215). He gives John the option to take everything that is considered being uncivilized and to live without everything that they have in the civilized world. John later says “I claim them all” (Huxley Pg.215). John has chosen to live away from this world.

The last chapter of A Brave New World shows us what John has come to and what his current living conditions are. John is fending for himself and has to provide himself with food. He also punishes himself the way they did at the Savage Reservations. He chooses to whip himself to the point that he bleeds.

People watch John as they fly over where he lives and they’re are reporters hiding trying to catch picture of how John is living so the rest of the world can see. At the end I know that everyone comes to enjoy watching John whip himself but then John sees Lenina and starts whipping her.

The last few pages in this chapter did confuse me a bit but what I do know is that John commits suicide and that everything he’s been through has brought him to his downfall.

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