The Savage Unleashed !

The ending of Brave New Worlds didn’t meet my expectation. I actually thought there was going to be more to the story. Aldous Huxley opens up chapter 14 with the leading of Linda death. In which John was sad and furious. Sad because his mother was dying and furious at the same time because of group of khaki twins were making fun of his mom while she was laying in bed dying. ” What ever is the matter with her? Why is she so fat?” Pg 183 said the twins. They made these rude comments because they have never seen a women in the condition she’s in. She was old , taut skinned and not like one of them. But John was also upset for the fact that his mother kept calling him Pope. Which made him mad because how could his own mother not recognize her own son. But the sad ending of chapter 14 was the death of linda in which i believe she died of all the soma she had taken.

In the state of mind that John was in he was upset and had run into two Delta twins who were about to take soma. ” Listen, I Beg of you , Lend Me Your Ears,  Don’t take that horrible stuff its Poison, its Poison”  Pg 192 John tries his best to explain to the twins that soma doesn’t allow them to be themselves. He felt that his mother linda was a slave to the soma, and he felt that his duty was to make others feel freedom by making them to refuse taking the soma. By doing this John causes a fight in where Bernard and Helmholtz rush to help john and i believe end up getting arrested . But One thing that amazed me about the fight was that the policeman sprayed soma vapour into the air with machines so that the others listening to john rebel about the soma would forget about it . This just shows me how control the society really is. Its like they have a game plan for almost everything that goes down.

I have to say from chapter 16-17 the story just dropped. I barely understood what was doing on. I under stood that John, Bernard And Helmholtz were taken to Mustapha Mond , who was the Resident world controller for the Western Europe. John was shocked and fascinated the Mond had read Shakespeare. Its like they both had the same idea . but were pursuing it differently. John wanted freedom for every one and insisted why weren’t others allowed to read old things. Mond explains by saying ” Beauty’s Attractive , and we don’t want people to be attracted to old things.” Pg 198 In Which Mond felt like if people were all equal the society wouldn’t function and have the same order it has now. I Remember reading and John tells Mond why doesn’t he make every one an Alpha . Mond explains that Alphas would eventually bump head together. Each one would want to control. In which that case there would be no order. Then there was this whole talk about Religion and why the world state didn’t want to believe in god and Mond response was the same because it was old. I knew he still believed in it because he pulled out a bible to john explaining to him that he was had the same idea of freedom. After all this Mond decides to vanish all 3 from the world state but he actually tells john that he’s doing them a favor by placing them into a different society.

The ending of this story was not as i expected . i expected john to go back and fight try to change the world state in a way he pictured freedom. For himself and for his mother. But John completely isolates himself by moving into a light house. i really didn’t understand why john whipped himself and why others would want him to wipe them. i was so unclear with that part . But later on i read that John ended up in an orgy porgy. which was something he wasn’t into to he didn’t believe in that he went by Shakespeare way of love. ”  Oh my god , my god ” Pg 230 shocked by what had just happened john was found by the first arrivals ” Further side of the room they could see the bottom of the staircase that led up to the higher floors ; under the crowns of the arch dangled a pair of feet.” Pg 231 John had hanged himself. which was the worst ending ever.

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