What is your ID number ? ” for I am you and you are I”

In the reading “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin take you back to the reading Brave¬†New World these two story are very similar when it come to the values states. They both lived by a code which determine how the people are allowed to live their day to day lives. In the reading “We” goes by the One State and in Brave New World they value the world state. in these two reading happiness seem to be define as a bad thing , but when one has happiness it allows them to feel¬†a since of comfort for self. I think in both reading ignorance seem to be a big factor because if anyone has any knowledge of what’s right they are punish or executed. as I begin to read¬†”¬†We ”¬†I got a since of someone who is trying to get there thought out though telling his story though a journal entries describe his version of how happiness can be if only D-503 seem to be the one who is carrying us though the story line. in his first entry he is telling us about the ship he build to ” soar the cosmic space” he¬†stated from the first entry describing his¬†detail of how the machines is going to operate on an another planet. he stated from (pg1) one thousand years ago your heroic ancestors subdued the entire terrestrial globe to the power of the one state. Yours will be a still more glorious feet: you will integrate the infinite equation of the universe with the aid of the fire breathing electric glass integral. he feel that once he leave the one state in the ship he build he will be able to live like other figure on other planets, he feels that him and his ship is going to bring happiness to those who want to accept it. my understanding of what is going on so far is that D-503 is obsess with getting his machine out of the one state and into¬†space. in his third entry he start to explain to us the reader¬†how he need to express himself clearly¬†cause he wants us to ¬†understand what the integral will bring to those who are not so sure. he is also informing us while reading his entry to be prepare to be taking for loop. as the story goes along D-503 meet I-330 now I-330 seem to be a little bit different from the other numbers. in entry six I-330 take D-503 to the ancient house where her grandmother stays form what it seem like D-503 doesn’t like her , but somehow he will stop at nothing to prove her wrong when it come to the one states rules. while in the house D-503 say to I-330 ” trying to be original” , but don’t you” what does he mean by she trying to be original? is this his way of saying trying to be human or what consider human¬†, but I-330¬† stop him and start to stated the one state code ” to be original is to be in someway distinct from other hence, original is to violate equality, and that which in the language of the ancients was called ” was called being banal” in other words no one should be wishy- washy. I–330 seem to be the rebel the one who is against the one state just like Bernard in brave new world they both had their own idea of how they want things. I think they are¬†to rebel ¬†because they want to know how it feel to live a little and not have to follow rules. she even goes as far as sneaking the “soma” to D-503. the soma in this story is nicotine or alcohol. I-330 is trying to get everyone addicted to the soma. in brave new world soma was allowed to take it what kept everyone happy. once D-530 start to realize that he¬†had to go cause it was time for all number to be¬†at their assigned location once he reach strange things start to come over him ,D-503 realize that he has been drug. I can say that¬†this story is a little better read then the first story just why is everyone label as a number


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