My Utopia

In my ideal world, it would be warm all year round.  Not too hot and not too cold, the type of weather we call “hoodie season.”  People would strive off of peace, happiness and love.  There would be no war, it would be a complete hippy town.  The people in my utopia would still go to school and get an education, but instead of tuition being thousands of dollars, tuition would be affordable to everyone.  There would be a cure to every disease known to man, and everyone would have equal rights.  There would be more then enough time in a day for me to be able to go to school, go to work, hang out with friends, and have alone time.  There would be no poverty and no economic differences between people.  The people would not be rich, but then again the people will not have to struggle with financial issues.  There would be no murderers and people would only die from natural causes (excluding the curable diseases.)

In my ideal world, there will be tunnels connecting my house to my friends houses so therefore we would always be able to hang out whenever we want.  We would kick back and listen to the songs of The Weeknd, because his music always puts me in a euphoric mood.  I’d be able to wake up when I want to, arrive to school when I want, and also work.  I would own my own business and work for myself.

In my utopia there will be art museums on every corner and they would all be free.  Jazz music would play in the museums and the dinner would be free.  My wardrobe would be amazing because I would be able to virtually shop and my clothes would appear in front of me with the push of a button.  I would drive a nice car and not have to worry about traffic all the time, and when I feel like taking public transportation, MTA would be free.  No more monthly metro cards!  Flights to travel the world would also be free in my utopia.  I would be able to get out of bed and hop on a plane to Italy without worrying how I would pay for the ticket.  I would live in the most amazing condo that oversees the city and I would have the cutest little dog to keep me company.  I’d have a machine to do all my cooking and cleaning so all I would ever have to worry about is being happy and enjoying myself.  My utopia would be a place where everyone got a long and everyone would be happy.  They would strive off of making others happy and making the world a better place.

Here’s a link to The Weeknd’s Youtube channel if you want to check his music out (:

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