Utopian Dream

My perfect world, my Utopia, would for one be a peaceful place. Wars wouldn’t exist because people would be honest with each other and work together to resolve conflicts through speech and coming to understandings. Technology would continue to thrive, making things much easier for people but also encouraging people to go forth and meet with one another, have discussions, and be social without the help of technology. Society would have given up on categorizing people and all prejudice would be eliminated. Not one person would ever have to feel left out or alone, as we would all be able to get along with one another without feeling hate or any sort of malice towards one another.

I imagine the world green and sunny. The environment taken into account even with the amount of technology being used. I imagine something along the lines of The Shire from Lord of The Rings. Rich green hills, with houses built into them, sheltering people but not destroying the luscious landscapes. Warm light from the houses would cast a comforting glow across the hills at night, welcoming and inviting. Everyone would have their own little niche to call home, and none would remain homeless.

Work would be available for all, and poverty would be eliminated. Everyone would be on the same level as one another, and no one would have more. Greed would be a thing of the past, and ultimately eliminated. People would always have the urge to better themselves, and stray away from any path that would ultimately lead to crime or causing one another any pain or suffering.

I also think manners would be heavily enforced, I feel like our world right now is severely  lacking in that. I think if more people practiced manners it would lead  the world towards a more beautiful place.

I think all of this would create my Utopia. Unfortunately I do know that there is always two sides to each coin, and it never goes as planned, but this to me would be a Utopia I would love to immerse myself in.


One thought on “Utopian Dream

  1. Raf, your ideal world definitely sounds peaceful and equal … I particularly like your ideas of collaboration and mutual respect.

    Remember that whenever you use someone else’s ideas/texts (and an image is a “text” too), you need to give them credit for their work. For now, as long as the person who created (owns) these images is allowing you to use them freely, you can do this just by linking to the original source (and providing the creator’s name and the image title, if available).

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