My Utopia

 I couldn’t really think of a story of a utopia to write, so I am just writing about my own life, as my utopia.My utopia would be a simple world. I would be working with a job that I love doing to support myself and my family for the rest of our lives. I’d have a comfortable life, living in a nice house. I would be living somewhere with a tropical climate, where there is no winter. The weather around me would be 75-80 degrees. Nice weather everyday and nothing but days laying on a beach with the sun shining down on you. There would be no such thing as rain or cold weather and there would be happiness surrounding everyone everywhere. 


In my utopia the world would be a better place. There is no violence, no crime and no pollution. All people everywhere are equal and treat each other with respect. There would be no such thing as someone living with hunger, poverty and there would be no one that is homeless. My utopia would also consist of all stray animals having a home. 


Education would be available to everyone and everyone has a fair chance of getting any type of job they would want. Nowadays college education is expensive which makes it hard for many people to attend college which stops many people from getting the educations they should have and need. I would make getting a college education more easy for the average person because everyone will have the ability to attend college. There would be no limits on what a person can do with their lives. Even if one person is not as smart or educated as someone else they will not be looked down on.  All people would be happy with their career choices, unlike modern times where many people are unhappy with their jobs. Money would not be a problem, which is a problem for millions of people across the world. Everything would be reasonable for people no matter how much money one person makes. 


There would be no such thing as sickness. All people would live long, happy and healthy lives. There would be cures for all sicknesses and diseases. There would be advances in technology and medicine everyday. People all over the world would be doing everything to better their communities, lives and make the world a better place. No war, no fights and no bad feelings towards others. People help out one another. 

I think that my view on a utopian society and world will be similar to a lot of people’s ideas too. Many people want peace, money, education, health and happiness. With these things I think that the way the world is right now if all people are working together we can achieve my ideas of what a utopia really is.  I don’t think it will be too hard to achieve this utopia because it is just a normal life with positive things around everyone.




3 thoughts on “My Utopia

  1. your utopia sounds very similar to mine 🙂 and yes its kinda like everyday living just with all the positives i think ultimately everyone wants the same general things like education money happiness and health, with a touch of their own personalities added to their Utopias for more character

  2. I would love to live in that utopia. Your conclusion says it all. Definitely all of us want these things ( peace, money, education, health and happiness). Unfortunately as it seems so easy, it is so hard to achieve, and this is where it makes our life’s complicated.

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