Brave New World Chapters 6-9

I feel that even though these three chapters were short they shed a lot of light on everything. I’ll start with if you didn’t realize that Bernard was different from the previous chapters then you can really tell now. Bernard is a whole different person compared to other Alphas. We also find out Bernard’s occupation which is an Alpha-Plus Psychologist. We also realize the Lenina is kind of indecisive on whether she should go on this trip with Bernard. She ends up deciding based on the fact that it’ll be a week in the west. The book states “The prospect off lying West again, and for a whole week, was very inviting” (Huxley pg.87). We can also depict how different Bernard and Lenina are from there trip. They both like very different things. Lenina wants to go out where the crowd is and Bernard rather go on a walk with Lenina. Which shows us that Bernard isn’t much like everyone else who would rather go where the crowd goes. Lenina is definitely against Bernard’s thought as she says ” And how can you talk like that about not wanting to be a part of the social body” (Huxley pg.90).

In these chapters we also learn about a new person that the Director knew in the past. He has a talk with Bernard and tells him the story about a Beta-Minus girl that he went on a trip with to the savage reservation and how she got lost. The Director seemed to have an attachment to this girl he says “It upset me very much at the time. More than it ought to have done, I dare say” (Huxley pg.95). Bernard was also threatened by the Director to be moved to Iceland. As he sees Bernard’s behavior going against everything they have been taught. Soon we meet two new characters in the book John and Linda. Bernard and Lenina come across these characters in the savage reservations. John and Linda were different from everyone else in the savage reservations. It says “He had seen, for the first time in his life, the face of a girl whose cheeks were not the color of chocolate or dog skin” (Huxley pg.111). Clearly him and his mom where the only other two people who were this color and that is why they discriminated against him within the reservations as well. The woman Linda clearly did not belong as she says ” Just think of it: me, A beta-having a baby: put yourself in my place” (Huxley pg.113). We can then conclude after reading these chapters that the woman was the same person the Director was telling Bernard about. The woman who got lost on the trip. Now the character John is this woman’s son and she does not understand how she could have possibly had a child because she states that she followed all the drills. If this is her son then the only explanation to being the father of her child is the Director. That’s when I was like wow this story is getting crazy. In the last chapter we see that Bernard goes through all the trouble to bring the two characters back to the World State. He goes through Mustafa Mond to provide him with a pass to bring them back with him. I feel that Bernard will get into worse trouble with the Director after doing this. As he was already threatened with being moved.

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