||Brave New World 6-9||

As i continued reading Brave New World. I started to get more interested in it . In these few chapters we got to know a little bit more about Bernard. We also are introduce to John and Linda. In Chapter 6  the author explains to us what Bernard wants and what he is looking for. He try to explain to Lenina that he wants to be his own man, be able to do what he wants and do it on his own. Bernard Says ” More on my own not so completely a part of something else, not just a cell in the social body” Pg 90. Lenina is shocked of Bernard’s wants, and is surprise to hear it because it goes against everything she believes in. She believes that every one should work for everyone else , she feels like every one should follow there role in the caste system. After the little argument Bernard had with Lenina he ends up swallowing 4 tablets of soma he ends up having having sex with Lenina. In which he regrets the next day because he felt as if it was to soon. Later in that chapter We learned a little about the Director ; when Bernard approaches him with the idea of visiting the New Mexican Reservation. He explains that he was just like Bernard , that he had the same idea of wondering how life was out side the world state. So the director tells Bernard about Linda a beta in which he had a moment with and had lost her in the reservation. Also in this Chapter the Director calls out Bernard and tells him that he’s been getting reports of his behavior out of work in which he doesn’t like so he threatens Bernard by telling him he will transfer him to a Sub Centre in Iceland. I like the character Bernard for a bunch of reasons. One in which he’s sort of a little rebel going against the director and doing what he wants. Another is because he has that ambition of wanting freedom. In the Next few Chapters Lenina ends up going with Bernard to the reservation and she’s disgusted by the life style in which they lived in.” But how can people live like this “”These people have never heard of Our Ford” pg 105 Lenina explains that the life style in which the indians live by isn’t civil.The only part that really interested me while reading was when john was introduce , an indian who spoked perfect english and who seemed to be different from the others by his complexion. I got more into the story when john started telling Bernard and Lenina about the story about his mother Linda and how she had came from the World state long ago , with a young man who was his father. As Smart as Bernard is he ends up putting the pieces together and realizes that the director had told his the exact same story so he knew that john was the Director son. Bernard with the thought of being sent to Iceland tells John ” i Wonder if you’d like to come back to london with us” pg 129 . John an indian who always wanted to see the world state was trilled to go but Bernard first would have to get permission.

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