Chapters 6-9 blog

Throughout these few chapters, a lot of events occurred.  We 1st get to see the inner workings of Bernards mind and why he seemed so different than anyone else. He expresses a lot of his views which seem normal to us but radical and very different from the normal in the society under the World State.  Benard states to Lenina that he doesn’t want to be a cell of a social body  (Huxley 90). He also says how he wants to experience what passion is.(Huxley 92).In their society this is very strange under the ideology that everyone belongs to everyone. Bernard wants to know what it feels like to be in love is what I gathered from it. I don’t think he wants the physical end of it because that is so common. The emotional part of a relationship is pretty much forbidden and he yearns for it.


The story continues with Benard trying to convince Lenina to come with him on this retreat. At 1st I assumed that  this was maybe a vacation type thing mentioned earlier in the book when a character went to New Mexico. Turns out they were going to a “savage reservation”. A permit is required to visit these places. Benard owns a permit to visit savage resorts and he needs the DHC to sign off on one. When Bernard approaches him, the director starts telling a story about his past in which he traveled to a savage resort with a girl he knew. As i was reading this i was almost in disbelief in the newly revealed side of the director. Its as if he had feelings for this girl he took. I feel like he was choking up and getting emotional telling the story. Being that these emotions are prohibited i would have never thought the director would have had this side. Then after Bernard asks a question about his story, the director retorts with ” don’t imagine that I’d have and indecorus relation with this girl”  (Huxley 95). I wonder if the director is hiding something. I remember the professor in class saying that the Controller had a collection of poetry and literature from today. I’m thinking maybe the director dabbled into that and started having different ideals.

In the novel, a savage reservation is almost the same as an indian reservation today. the citizens are described being of dark colored skin, wearing animal skins and ragged clothes. A short while after they arrive, a new character is introduced named Linda. Linda used to be a beta – .  Linda tells lenina all of these stories about her transition from one lifestyle of one extreme to the exact opposite. Almost every value system of a society under the World State is the exact opposite in the savage reservation. The author also describes these violent and bloody acts of violence that are committed against Linda. With hearing all of these stories Lenina is shocked and downs 6 grammes of soma as soon as she can. Only reason i could think of that could explain the authors reasoning behind this is to show the drastic differences between the 2 societies. I’m assuming that this sets the ground for future events in further chapters.

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