Blog # 4: Brave New World (Chapters 6-9)

Lots of progression so far between Bernard and Lenina and a lot of interesting traits that I picked up during these 4 chapters. Mostly Bernard’s introversion and his disinterest in taking a soma to calm himself down. I connected a bit more with Bernard’s introversion and the fact that he likes to be alone and more calm rather than be with a lot of people. I understood where he came from but what I didn’t understand was the way he went about things like staying in the helicopter in mid air while Lenina was feeling uncomfortable. I also found out that Lenina may or may not have some type of addiction to somas whenever she gets anxious. For example, the time she was walking in the reservation and saw the old half naked old Indian man climbing down the ladder or when Bernard was talking with the Warden. I think while she might be sweet and sometimes cautious about Bernard, she may have a dark secret about her that’s not known right now.

“”But I do,” he insisted. “It makes me feel as though…” he hesitated, searching for words with which to express himself, “as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, no so completely a part of something else. No just a cell in the social body. Doesn’t it make you feel like that, Lenina?” (Huxley 90)

Chapters 6 through 9 had a lot of developments going on and especially a lot of great imagery but what stood out to me the most was Bernard. The part in chapter 6 when Bernard is in the Director’s office and the Director tells Bernard about the girl he went on a reservation with that had gone missing and the Director warning Bernard about transferring him to Iceland. Suddenly, Bernard’s attitude changes coming out his office as if he took great joy in hearing displeasure in others because he constantly over thinks things and likes to isolate himself.

I think Bernard is made to look selfish with the way he handles himself with Lenina. Especially when she tries to calm him and pleasure him with love, he’s just too frustrated with life and makes the worst out of situations. I think he’s taken things for granted, and being introverted will not help live his life.

Lenina, while trying to witty, caring, and loving, she seems to not welcome any type of situation where it’s real and it’s life and she handles her situation by taking somas. It’s not until chapter 7 where she’s with the young Indian man that she starts to calm down and look at things differently while not on somas. Often times Bernard tends to emotionally hurt Lenina by his attitude towards everything unless she calms him down and encourages him to take somas. Lenina and Bernard both have contrasts but both compare with each other in that both have faults and are not as perfect as they were created/or thought to be. Bernard tends to take things seriously while Lenina tries to make light of the situation. It’s an interesting dynamic between the two.

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