Brave New World (Chapters 6-9)

In my opinion these chapters were way more interesting then the previous ones.Throughout them there is a lot of action, but it is straightforward, which makes the book more enjoyable. There are few important characters in these chapters. Bernard, Lenina, John and Linda (John’s mother). They all meet at New Mexican Reservation, where most of the action takes place.

In chapter 6 we can find out a lot about difference between Bernard and Lenina, when they go out on a date. He wanted to spent time walking and talking, in a place away from others. She didn’t like that idea, because for her it was incomprehensible, and “… that seemed a very odd way of spending an afternoon” (Huxley 89).  This shows the difference between the way both of them think. Bernard in my opinion seems to think in a similar way to us, while Lenina is living her “proper” life.
There is one more important situation that takes place in this chapter. Bernard talks to a Director, about traveling to Mexico, and Director tells a story that happen about twenty-five years ago, when he was at similar age as Bernard, and went to same place. He went with a women, which got lost.

As we read in the next chapters, we can find another conflict of the book, when Bernard and Linda meet a white man, and he explains that his mother ,Linda wasn’t from the reservation. This leads us to a story that Director told Bernard. She is the woman that got lost, and we can find that out by these words “Having young ones like an animal … If it hadn’t been for you, I might have gone to the Inspector, I might have got away. But not with a baby. That would have been too shameful” (Huxley 119). For me this proofs, that she is the woman, that went on a trip with Director twenty-five years ago. In addition, she were acting like a person from World State, because she was sleeping with other man.
In chapter 9, Bernard wants John and Linda to come back to London.  It seems like no one ever knew that Director might have a son (John). This seems like some sort of a payback to Director, by Bernard for telling that he might be moved to Iceland.

In  the beginning I didn’t like the book, but these chapters made it more interesting. Finally these chapters were less confusing for me then the previous ones, and now I am already waiting to find out what Bernard is planning towards Director.

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