Bernard’s Distraction

I found this weeks reading chapters 10-13 to be really interesting, since things played out completely different than I expected it to turn out. I felt that Bernard gave the director a visit immediately upon his arrival back to the world state, that things would drastically change this society when Bernard expose terrifying Linda and handsome son john to the director in front of many citizens. The only thing that really changed was Bernard himself. After the Director resigned immediately due to embarrassment and shame, Bernard was treated extremely nice by society which wasn’t genuine at all but was looked upon as Bernard’s big break.

I didn’t appreciate how fast Bernard became a true citizen only because the citizens had been fake and welcoming towards him. I’m pretty sure that Bernard is aware that the citizens don’t really like him but they just need him to get closer to john, but since the attention was on himself felt great he would now all of a sudden sleep around with the females. (Pg.145) “And I had six girls last week”…… Why is Bernard boasting about this? It’s out of character since before the trip he couldn’t stand orgy and any other group activity. This leads me to believe that in fact alcohol was given to Bernard by mistake during birth. This would explain his depression and also it was conformed by one of the characters that the rumors about Bernard is really true.

I feel that the society is trying to kill Linda by allowing her to over dose on soma that way they don’t have to see her and see don’t have to see them. “Soma may make you lose a few years in time”(pg.143) how is soma safe if it cuts your life down by years in exchange for just a few hours of happiness ? Is this the reason why citizens die after they reach 60 years old? This pill will most likely lead to johns mothers death later on since right now she is stuck in holiday and hasn’t moved from her bed yet.

Bernard is caught up in all this attention that he isn’t interested in the health of Linda at all, he just wants john around to keep the company and attention of the hateful citizens which to me is crazy. He is completely off task with trying to break society but instead society will soon break him emotionally back to his old gloomy self. “Success went frizzily to Bernard’s head”(pg .145). This scene shows that Bernard’s ego keeps getting larger and irritating towards others,his only true friend Helmholtz couldn’t relate to Bernard any longer because his drastic change in character. Helmholtz challenged authority just like Bernard so had a better connection with each other.

On page 159 Bernard was in for a rude awaking  at his party when john decided not to show himself to the citizens that has pretended to be nice to him. This is where the citizens true characters showed how much hate they have for Bernard. I think that this was good for him to face so he can snap back to reality since all this time he was just used to see John which never happened. I wonder if this experience will give Bernard the will to try to break the world state or just live his life as an outcast “Savage”.

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