Tony, Samson, Goutam Revised Proposal

An App for School

For our final collaborative final project, we are proposing to make an application for Apple mobile device to navigate through the City Tech college website. Name of the application will be “NYCCT”. The application design will be simple, clean and fast. With a touch of a button, it will bring you to the frequently visited link within the school’s webpage. For more convenience, weather report around New York City College of Technology will be displayed. In addition, information in regard to college weather closing will be displayed on the main screen. If one cannot find what they are looking for in our application. There will be an option lead you to the City Tech official website.

This project is relevant to our course because completing this project will require plentiful amount of technical writing techniques. The creator will have to take notes on the process it takes to complete the final product. When the prototype is ready, testers will subject to using the application looking for bugs. We will be also including a simple description of what each function does and how to get to the specific information; this is similar to the “instruction and usability” project, there will be trial and error, where suggestions and problems will be logged. When the final project is complete, a full report will be provided.

The goal of this project is to provide a both future and current student who’s attending City Tech, with a better option to navigate City Tech information with ease and convenience.  It will be tremendously convenient and useful to people who wants to look for specific information, like the college academic calendar, majors, and admission, etc. Users will be able to touch on a button specifically made for that file, view it, and then leave the application. Stakeholders would include City Tech, their students, and potential students. The stakeholders would find the ease of access will allow users to quickly navigate the website for course requirements.

To complete this project, our first priority is to research on where the students usually go when they are in City Tech webpage. To do this, we will conduct a survey to find out what students hope to see on the app, and what they mostly looking for when surfing on City Tech website.  After the finding, we will need to create a prototype to see if everything is working accordingly. If so, we would include more features that may be of convenience.

There are three members in this group; we will split the work evenly among each other. Each of us will come up with ideas to add on to our project. To complete this app, we planned to put together all feedbacks from students and staffs, create the app base on feedbacks and original City Tech website, test it ourselves and have students experience it, then modify the app as needed.  While creating the application, works and codes can be combined later on for a product.

Our meeting will mostly be held either in class, online webcam communication on Monday night, and the social app called “WeChat”. The reason is mainly due to our work and school schedule, a group member has multiple jobs, while the other has work that takes up most of the time. We prefer webcam session because it would be the next closest to face to face communication.

Communication will be hard but, by the end of the project, we will learn how to code together, work collaboratively, and to cope with each other’s schedule. In addition, we will have experience of real life work situation of creating a project and working in a team to accomplish a product.


Tony, Samson, Goutam Progress Report

For our project’s current progress, we are using google drive for our documents. With the use of Google drive, we are able to view other member’s progress, and documents. The convenience of the drive is, if there is anything we would like to edit, we can edit on the spot, and other members can see the changes too. While doing the bibliography, we’ve found useful information on how to build our application. We found a website which can help us build a mobile application, and another source that gives us idea on how to make it better. Usually our communication is through a group instant messaging, although the response from members are sometimes slow, due to work schedule. We contact each other and decide what to do prior to the deadline. Usually after class, we take a few moment to discuss our next assignment.

Tony, Samson, Goutam Annotated Bibliography

“5 Ways to Decide If Your Business Needs a Mobile App.” Business Daily News. N.p, 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. <>.

“5 Ways to Decide If Your Business Needs a Mobile App” is an article published by Business Daily News. It is about how to determine if a business needs a mobile app in 5 ways. In the article, the interviewee Michael LaVista, CEO and founder of Caxy, gives 5 ways to help a company decide whether or not they meet the basic requirement to create a mobile app.

We think that this article is very important and relevant to our project because our group is deciding to make a mobile app for our school base on City Tech website. It is important because this article provides detail that helps us think more about the purpose of the app, our target audience, the limitation of resource, and the platform it might be running on. This article will help us plan on creating the app later on.


Brian, Matt. “Mobile Apps: A look at what makes a good app great.” The Next Web. N.p, 16 July. 2011. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. <>.

“Mobile Apps: A look at what makes a good app great” is an article written by Matt Brian. This article is about what are the component that makes an app a great and popular mobile app. One of the major components to make a good app is “User Interface”, the author mentions that the UI can “instantly form an impression” as the user open an app at the moment. Matt Brian also said that a good looking app is more attractive than those are not. Another component is whether or not the app meets the needs of a user. Matt Brian argues that when users download an app, they tend to ask more from what the app already have. For example, more update with newer feature should be conducts every once a while. The author think that one of the major reason the Angry Bird became extremely popular is because the Rivio company added on more and more features when there is new update. The final component is market, Matt Brian mentioned how Rivio notice different OS platform users have different way of interacting with apps.

This article is relevant to our project is because we think that as we go along with our project, it will helps understand how to make a good looking app that can attract users and how to apply it. We also concerned about what our audience needs as we will conduct a survey to find out that question. The last concern is market which also most concerned. Since our audience will be both future and mainly current City Tech students, we will find out what feature they most use on City Tech website.


“Queens College Mobile.” App Store. N.p., n.d. Web.

Queens college apps is different from their school website. The apps content link to the main place in the college where students can locate information about the college. Links includes emergency, course and facebook. By looking at queens college apps we can have a general idea on how to build city tech college apps. We can improve from there website by adding links or remove links that should not be on the apps. The apps will help us to understand your audience more since we are going to target city tech student. Reading the comment in the comment section will give us an idea about things student like and dislike about the apps.

“Como App Maker – Make an App with Our Easy App Builder.” N.p.

This website allow people to create an apps without paying for it and can see how a apps look before making their final decision. The website allow people to choice for a wide variety of audience to build their apps for.The website will help us design the outlook for our apps to see what eh aps will look like before deploying for sales. It give you step by step instruction on how to build apps  It will emulate a apps but not deploy so we can get a sense of where we are going with the apps.


“UTSA Professor Studies Cell Phone Habits of College Students in US and South Korea | Science Codex.” Science Codex. N.p., 4 Nov. 2014. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

“UTSA professor studies cell phone habits of college students in US and South Korea”. This is the study of smartphone habits of college students in the United States and South Korea. The two countries were selected due to the higher rate of smartphone users. Almost a year of online survey was conducted with more than 1,600 students from both countries of their smartphone use. Studies shown Americans uses their smartphone mainly for social events, while Korean users are more interested in entertainment and information gathering.

This shows the usage and the habit of smartphone use in America and Korea. Since our focus is City Tech, we will focus the college students in America. American Students use their phone mostly for social media, texting, and email. We can incorporate those feature into our application.


“4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumber” Forbes. N.p., 10 Nov, 2014. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

“4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumber” by Rob Asghar. The author lists four reasons why smartphone are making people dumber. The author states a study which shows 81% of college students leave their phone within reach when they sleep. Overuse of smartphone cause people to sleep less at night, thus lowering their IQ. People have less contact with others.

Even though this article contradict our purpose of smartphone use. It is still relevant to our application. Overuse of smartphone does impair some of our ability. With this in mind, we can add a message in our application to advise users to not overuse their device and live their lives socially.

Sherry Turkle “The Flight from Conversation” Summary

In the article “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle, the author discuss how technology have change the way people communicate over the years. The article discuss not only people don’t talk face to face to each other but would rather use text message or e-mail to communicate. In the article the author spent over 15 years studying people and ask them about the plugged in lives and found the mobile devices have change the way people not only what they do, but also who we are. People have become so accustomed to technologies that it is a new way of being alone together. A person have they personal space but can communicate with other without having to meet the other person. Not only have technology have change our personal lives but also change the way people communicate in the office. The boss can be in the office but can have a regular conversant with and employee without meeting them. Using technology to communicate commonly found among young people, a 16 years old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says almost wistfully. The act of having a conversation with face to face have change over the years, people rely on technology to communicate with each other.


Turkle, Sherry. “The Flight From Conversation.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 21 Apr. 2012.

Class notes 10/8


  • See professor Jill Belli during office hours for details feed back on assignment 1.

Close reading/Active Reading/Annotating/ Reverse Outline

  • Skimming
  • Read once
  • Try to understand the main idea
  • Highlight important idea
  • Looking the meaning for words you don’t understand.
  • Identify the main idea for each paragraph in the text using 5 words or less.
  • Purpose of the main idea

In class assignment

Read and Summary “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle

First Reading

  • Skim read the article
  • Circle word that you don’t know the meaning.
  • Circle paragraph and sentence that stand out.

Second Reading

  • Before reading the second time, look up the meaning of words that you don’t know.
    • Write down the meaning
    • Part of speech
    • Try to pronounce the word
  • make notes on the text
  • analyze each paragraph

Vocabulary in class and from “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle

  • Mere – the smallest or slightest.
  • Wistfully — Full of wishful yearning.
  • Allusion — The act of alluding; indirect reference
  • Persnickety — Over particular about trivial details.
  • Furiously — Full of or characterized by extreme anger; raging.
  • Carefully kept at bay — to prevent someone from moving closer.
  • Goldilocks effect — states that something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes.
  • Gulp — to gasp or choke, as when taking large drafts of a liquid.
  • Nuance — a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.

This reveres outline was done by students.

Reveres Outline of “The Flight from Conversation” (Sherry Turkle)

Main Idea Propose/function
¶1 How technology replace verbal conversation with each other. #1 Replace face-to-face conversation.
¶2 People are connected by social medial 25/7. #2 Focus in shifted and directed to social media.
¶3 Technology change who we are #3 awareness
¶4 The idea of being “alone together” #4 selective attention
¶5 Technology in the office #5 talking less to your colleagues
¶6 Technologies are forcing us to be alone #6 Technologies are changing how we communicate in society.
¶7 No ready to trade texting for real conversation #7 State the relationship between teens and technology(texting)
¶8 People are in their own world #8 Support pervious paragraph about boy and businessman
¶9 Keep people at a distance just so they are accessible # Shows how connection affects how we keep in touch with one another.
¶10 Further describing how people use online to connect. # add details to supports above paragraph


This reveres outline done by students and Professor Jill Belli

Reveres Outline of “The Flight from Conversation” (Sherry Turkle)

Main Idea Propose/function
¶1 How technology replace verbal conversation with each other. #1 Replace face-to-face conversation./thesis argument
¶2 People are connected by social medial 25/7. #2 support the thesis
¶3 Technology change who we are #3 introduce credibility
¶4 “alone together” #4 sub point
¶5 Alone together #5 give supporting example of people be alone
¶6 People want to be alone #6 Show evidence
¶7 People want not technological communication #7 State the relationship between teens and technology(texting)/ other point of view
¶8 People are in their own world #8 Support pervious paragraph about boy and businessman
¶9 Keep people at a distance just so they are accessible # Shows how connection affects how we keep in touch with one another.
¶10 Further describing how people use online to connect. # add details to supports above paragraph


Due 10/15/2014

Assignment #3 – Instruction and Usability Testing

Summary and Reverse Outline of “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle



Xbox 360 Manual

In the xbox 360 manual start out by introducing the produce. It the tell the user the they have to register their xbox 360. On the second page the manual issue a warning to the user about risk of injury or death that can happen why using the device. Under the warning also include web link to help user who need further support about the device if the manual does not work. The second page also include a table of content that will help the user to navigation in between content.

The second page give the use image and tools the product comes with and point out the main part for the product. The manual give the user step by step instruction on how to connect the device to their television. While the manual give the user electrical safety tips on how to avoid any electrical injury death. The fact that it is giving user tips on how to avoid injury or death is interesting because people may not thing that some product carry those risk.

The manual then give the user instruction how how to turn on the device after connecting the device is connected to the television. After the user turn on it device, the manual then give the user instruction on how to set up their device for their personal use and how to connect their device to the internet to connect with other people that have the same device.  The manual also come with instruction on how to use the product warranty if their is a problem with the device. The warranty instruction include what to do if the product is damage and instruction on how to buy more warranty if the user current warranty expires.

The manual was simple to understand and use the product. The manual start off by giving the use image of what the user should have to complete the task. The manual then give the user instruction on how to connect the consoles to their television.  The xbox 360 manual is setup in a way that is easy to understand. The sets were setup simple to read and understand, everything was there to help the user use the system properly.

Overall the manual give the user a understand on how to complete a task that was given. Anyone who uses the manual can complete the task given in the manual.


Online Identity in a Networked World

It seems that social media is everywhere today and it can make a difference whether you get a job or not. On one hand social media can help you network with other people in your field of working. On the other hand social media can be bad for you, if you post something about the company that you are applying to and the employer read it. It will affect your the chance you getting a job.

Social media can have a negative affect you job search. A employer are looking for someone who act in professional manner and not someone post inappropriate picture of themselves or post online. Cisco use social media by going on gaming chat room and blogging site to recruit people to work for them. Facebook is use for personal but most employer can use it against you. Fundamentally individual and utilized for correspondence in the middle of loved ones, Facebook is not regularly considered an instrument for occupation looking for. That does not imply that businesses aren’t taking a gander at your Facebook profile, however. Only on the grounds that Facebook is utilized basically for standardizing doesn’t imply that it has no spot in the quest for your next employment. Don’t be reluctant to put the saying out to your Facebook contacts that you’re on the chase for another position. Any systems administration is great systems administration, and you never know who among your Facebook companions may have an extraordinary lead for you.

Some employer to take social media into consideration, if you apply for a job in the media in the music field, new reporter, or having your company entirely online. Social media can help your company grow. In the article “Guide to social media and job search”, As the years go by more and more employer look at social media before hiring someone. Online networking is utilized within various ways. It helps enrollment specialists have an all the more clear thought of who you are and what you have done before they even chat with you. They likewise get intimations about your identity and how you may fit into their corporate society. In another “How Social Media Can help or Hurt you in your job search”, First and foremost they found that 37% of superintendents use interpersonal organizations to screen potential occupation hopefuls. That implies around two in five organizations peruse your social networking profiles to assess your character and personality–and some even build their procuring choice with respect to what they discover.

I did use google to find myself, my Facebook, open lab, and myspace came up. When i click on my name, i can view my profile, but since my open lab profile is public i can view my information. My myspace and Facebook profile is private not one can view my information. Social media can play important part in getting a job but from a professional point of view it can be dangerous. We aren’t all specialists in exploring this new and developing universe of digital data, particularly with regards to how it may affect a pursuit of employment.

Work Cited

Smith, Jacquelyn, “How Social Media Can Help (Or Hurt) You In Your Job Search.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, n.d. 16 April. 2013
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Major/Education Reflection

Since starting at New York City College of Technology i have change my major once before staying in my current major Computer System Technology. At first when i entire college i was unsure in what subject to major in, after looking into several major i decide to major in my current field. Before I apply to City Tech i look at several different city university of new york school before making my choice to go to city tech. In the computer system technology department the class are explain to student and are low to pick which part of computer system technology they will like to focus on.

The computer system department lack computer in the lab, students have to wait a long time to user the computer. The department does not allow student to use their network outside of school. If student were allow to use the network outside of school, they did not have to wait for to use the school computer. In addition some of the programing language the school use are not available to student to use outside of school. The department also lack lounge and a room for student use to study or work on group project together. The department website is easy to used for new student and all the courses and student can see the course they will need to take for they associate and bachelor’s degree.

For this research paper I look at several different college and the courses they offer in computer science field. I read review and the look at the school website to read the course catalog. In Brooklyn college it is very hard to understand how the course college is laid out. It just take me the department website and all the course for the department are listed. It is very hard to understand the school website. At itt technology institutes the courses was listed but there was not description of what the courses was about, just the course number. In fordham university it was the same the course was listed but not description of the course. In several college i looked at the course was listed but there were no description of the course.

In queens college the course they offer were similar to the ones they offer at city tech. The college lays out the catalog for the student and the description of the course they offer. The college even have a section where they listed the special topics courses they offer to students. At The city college of new york the college offer student a hybrid major where the student can major in computer science and electrical engineering department. It is very interesting to see that because the city tech offer both computer science and electrical engineering as different major and cannot be combine to make one major. Unless i went to these college and take course related to my major, i will not understand if the course were alike or different. In the computer system department some class require student to complete certification in order to pass the course.


Work Cited

Brooklyn College

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Syracuse University

Vassar College



Job Ads

For this assignment I used several different website to search for job in the field of computer system technology. Since I am studying in three different area of the CST field, I have the option to at several different type of job opening. While searching I noticed that there are different level of computer system technology of job enter. I look for job in the field of database, network security and java programing. In my search I found that employer require a bachelor degree or higher, and the appropriate area of study in the field of computer science. They also require you to have knowledge in the field of application.

In database, I found that the skill that employer require I have some knowledge of from the school. In addition to the skills I have learn in school, employer require some  whom can handle data recovery control, data remains consistent across the database. There also expect you to perform task like establishing the needs and monitoring user access and security, mapping performance and managing parameters to provide fast responses to front end users. This is similar to what I am currently doing at my internship at thefuture fm. I currently have a database where I create a user account and grant the user permission to use his/her account.

A network security is responsibilities to performs routine system administration and maintenance on local or remote location. While searching for jobs relating to network security, I found that employer require certification in different areas of security. The most common type of security certification is cisco CNNA certification. Some certification require you take a class, then take the certification test and some let you take the certification without a class. They also expected you to understand how to map a network in a server. I have one certification in network security and currently working on my second one.

While searching for jobs relating to java programing, I found that employer require you to read and write in more than one programming language.  Employer need employee to work in group in order to work on a project and employee need to have good communication skills in order to work for them. A programing read and identify error in a program, it is also there the responsibility to make sure the program perform the task it was written form. There are different level of programing jobs and employer will hire your skill in programming. Lower level employee know basic programming and higher level employee have certification in their field.  I know only java programing language and currently learning how to write in different language.

In my search I found that most employer require some sort of job experience in the field of technology when applying for a job. Some employer expected you to know about some of the software and hardware the use at their work site. I learn about some of the software and hardware the jobs use at city tech, which will give me a slight advantage over other for the job.



Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Goutam Seepersaud and I attend the New York City College of Technology. My major is CST and i focus in network Security, database and java programing. My main focus is database.

I am currently an intern at dubest media thefuture fm. My job include uploading and editing music track for dj to use. I also check the dj mix scan for copy right and that royalties is paid to musician who maid the music. In some case i will have to create a website for a dj to get their music out.

My hobbies include reading anime books sometimes watching anime television show. I also like reading article about computer, phone, tables and video game. i sometime play video game in my spear time.I also love science fiction and one of my favorite science fiction is star trek. I also like stand up comedy and going to comedy club. Some of my favorite comedian are Chris Rock,  Russell Peters and other. In my spear time i like to go bike riding and hiking in the park. In the summer time I like to travel around the country. As you can tell I am a tech guy. After graduating I would like to get a job as a database administrator