Xbox 360 Manual

In the xbox 360 manual start out by introducing the produce. It the tell the user the they have to register their xbox 360. On the second page the manual issue a warning to the user about risk of injury or death that can happen why using the device. Under the warning also include web link to help user who need further support about the device if the manual does not work. The second page also include a table of content that will help the user to navigation in between content.

The second page give the use image and tools the product comes with and point out the main part for the product. The manual give the user step by step instruction on how to connect the device to their television. While the manual give the user electrical safety tips on how to avoid any electrical injury death. The fact that it is giving user tips on how to avoid injury or death is interesting because people may not thing that some product carry those risk.

The manual then give the user instruction how how to turn on the device after connecting the device is connected to the television. After the user turn on it device, the manual then give the user instruction on how to set up their device for their personal use and how to connect their device to the internet to connect with other people that have the same device.  The manual also come with instruction on how to use the product warranty if their is a problem with the device. The warranty instruction include what to do if the product is damage and instruction on how to buy more warranty if the user current warranty expires.

The manual was simple to understand and use the product. The manual start off by giving the use image of what the user should have to complete the task. The manual then give the user instruction on how to connect the consoles to their television.  The xbox 360 manual is setup in a way that is easy to understand. The sets were setup simple to read and understand, everything was there to help the user use the system properly.

Overall the manual give the user a understand on how to complete a task that was given. Anyone who uses the manual can complete the task given in the manual.