Nexus 5’s Manual

Nexus 5 is a phone that was released by Google almost a year ago. Two things that surprises me as I went through the manual. First, I noticed was that there are only 18 pages. Secondly, there is no table of content. That surprises me because the Nexus 5 is a smart phone. To me, I have no problem using this device because I am accustomed to their products. However, there should be more instruction for new user, such as how to navigate around the phone’s interface, and features.

The manual uses pictures and icons to illustrate the physical buttons of the phone. Once again this can be confusing to some users.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.58.47 PM For example, under the power symbol. It looks like an sd card, or a sim card.

After the basic introduction of the phone. The manual goes on to how to safely use the phone. They use second person narration to list the safeties, so everything is straight to the phone, and sound like it is speaking to you.

Overall, this manual is very simple. There’s not much information. People that are used to using Google’s interface should not have a problem. However, other users may find it difficult. New users will have to use the phone for a while to become comfortable with it

Download (PDF, 375KB)