Owner’s Manual Evaluation of Vizio Smart TV, Iurii Druchuk

The user’s manuals or instructions vary from product to product. The more functional a product is the more complex will be the manual for it. I chose to look at the product, which has decent functionality abilities, but still should be very simple to use. The product is Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1. Smart TVs are relatively new TV products; they came to such popularity just couple of years ago. Obviously, people who are using this type of product generally are not TV experts or extraordinary technological geniuses. Most users are people who just want to watch their TV at afternoons. Hence, the product manual has to be delicate and at the same time cognitive for users.

When I look at the owner’s manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1 first, what I see is the overall view of the product and name of the model. This is very nice to begin with, because right away I am seeing what I am going to learn about. Along with these two things, I am given the information about the certifications and licenses. As for me, this information is not really usable in this place of the manual, it should be at the end of the user’s manual, where all of the terms and conditions are stated. Not unlike the specifications table, which I found all the way at the end, and which I would rather find it more useful to be on the second page of the manual, or somewhere at the beginning.

What I found very useful, however, is the diagram and information about “Television Antenna Connection Protection.” It is useful, because often television is sold without any reassuring protectoral instructions, or even cabling manuals. In addition, the next page table of contents is a very huge plus because the manual is 73 pages long. Table of content is something users are going to use all the time with this manual.

The sections of the actual content and instructions are very logical and explanatory. The details are specific and address needed parts of the hardware and software. Most parts are explained in such way that person that does not know all of the technological terms will be able to understand the manual. Besides the installation diagrams and instructions, the manual includes the Package Contents, it makes user to trust what he or she reads in the manual, because the company does not hide anything.

Further in the context specific information about functions of the hardware parts is explained. Which is very common, it describes all of the ports and in what way they are useful for owners, as well, the remote controls functions are stated. Closer towards the middle of the manual, it goes from hardware explanations to software configurations and then use. I found it very amusing that they made it this way, with such transition; it is logically clear and just nifty to have this transition from hardware to software. In addition, every component and part of the configuration is explained well and thoroughly, for the most part everything is clear. Each setting is thoroughly described. Basically, the manual shows, what will happen when a user choses certain setting or option. This is great because a user will not be confused and surprised in the future by not understanding what is going on with the TV set.

Overall, I found owner’s manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1 very helpful. It has covered everything from the safety tips on cabling and antenna placement up to the specifics of the setting options. Few parts I have disliked are probably based on a priority that the company has chosen to state the information. For instance, as I have mentioned it, the licensing I would find more useful at the end of the whole information; the specification table, which I would be happier to see at the beginning of the manual. Besides these minor, I would probably give this manual five out of five stars. It is in a clear and accessible language and tone that is user-friendly.



1. Owners manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1