Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual Evaluation


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone consists of many different programs preinstalled into the phone, to a person new to using smartphones this phone might seem a bit complex at first but luckily it comes with an instruction manual. The instruction manual may seem overwhelming with the amount of pages but it has a table of contents that leads to very specific aspects of the phone.

Instructions are presented in a readable and comprehendible way with simple language, so there is no need to worry about technical terms. In terms of content the manual varies from the physical components of the phone such as the memory card and programs built in the smartphone such as Google+ and Amazon Kindle. Instructions are complemented with visual aids to make following steps easy with arrows pointing indicating what component the text is being referred to.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone comes with a multitude of applications all in which has its own icon, the instruction manual clearly shows images of these icons and explain what they mean and what the function of each application is. Overall the instruction manual is well organized, easily accessible, and easy to understand. It may be a bit big for a phone manual but that is only because it explains functions for every specific aspect of the smart phone. The organized table of content includes simple titles so the user can easily determine what they are looking for.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual