Chris, Deniel, Derrick and Lian Meeting Minutes 12-3-14

Group 5: Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian

Location 1: Computer Lab

December 5, 2014; 4:30pm-6:00pm

Location 2: Online; Skype

December 6, 2014 2:00pm-3:00pm



  • To work on the first draft of the final paper
  • Final revision of the survey
  • Distribute surveys and collect data
  • Make analyses based on data received from the surveys
  • Make adjustments to the memo

Preparations for the next class

  • Started First draft of the final paper
  • Organize compiled information from the survey
  • Complete rationale for the surveys
  • Bring in the completed memo

Plans for the following week

  • Complete distribution of surveys and compile all data
  • Finish the final paper
  • Prepare the presentation in power point


Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Deniel Boodoo

Chris, Deniel, Derrick and Lian Report 5

Group 5: Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian

Professor Jill Belli

ENG 3773

Progress Report #5


On December 5, 2014 4:30pm to 6:30pm the group held a meeting at the computer lab in City Tech to discuss how to organize the first draft of the final write-up. We felt that we did not hand out enough surveys so a proper analysis would probably not be done, so we used the information we had currently for the time being. Since our project is to support City Tech’s computer club we wanted to collect enough data so it would seem more accurate to write a proper memo to the computer club giving recommendations on ways to improve. For the time being we’ve made an analysis based on the data we received from the surveys, more surveys will be distributed to obtain additional information later on to insure we get more accurate data. Also we realized that our memo that goes with the survey was a bit too long so we made some adjustments by taking only the key points and making them into bullet points. With the key points made clearer it would make taking the survey significantly faster while still being able to inform students on what the computer club really does and how can they benefit the students.

Class Notes for 11/26/14


  1. App
  2. Video game
  3. Circuit board
  4. Education
  5. Computer club support


12/3- continue surveys

12/10- peer reviews

12/17- write-up presentation; course reflection

For survey groups: Make a reflection on the changes made to the surveys and have rationales.

Class feedback on presentations:

App Group: Suggestion was made to make the App run on other open operating systems. Use the survey to find other suggestions on what features to add to the App.

Video Game Group: Include the content rating (such as M for mature, etc) in the game manual.

Circuit Board Group: Suggestion was made to create your own brand name for the game. Use some real people such as Nikola Tesla as part of the fun fact cards along with the currently used fictional characters.

Education- Student Survey Group: Design some questions that target specific information to guarantee useful answers. Specify which departments would receive the survey (includes both faculty and students).

Computer Club Support: Move the second question second to last on the survey. Suggestion on distributing the surveys in City Tech’s Voorhees building. Promoting the club saying that there are available computers during finals week can attract more members. Create posters to help promote the club.


Summary of “The Flight From Conversation”

In the article “The Flight From Conversation”  Sherry Turkle expresses her opinions on modern day communication and how it is affected by social media. Turkle explains how conversation is being sacrificed for communication, due to the fact that people in the present are always connected with their devices for texting, reading e-mails, etcetera. She continues and explains the new concept of “alone together” even though people don’t have face to face conversations as much as they use to, they are still communicating through social media. Turkle is also explaining that this form of communication is much more controlled; people are able to keep one another at distances of their own choice. “We are together, but each of us is in our own bubble, furiously connected to keyboards and tiny touch screens”, as mentioned earlier people are secluding themselves able to keep comfortable distances from others while still being able to communicate via social media. With all the changes in technology and the growth of technology the increase of connections has led to a loss in face to face conversation, Sherry Turkle concludes “So I say, look up, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation”, to reestablish the lost connection of conversation.


“The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle


Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual Evaluation


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone consists of many different programs preinstalled into the phone, to a person new to using smartphones this phone might seem a bit complex at first but luckily it comes with an instruction manual. The instruction manual may seem overwhelming with the amount of pages but it has a table of contents that leads to very specific aspects of the phone.

Instructions are presented in a readable and comprehendible way with simple language, so there is no need to worry about technical terms. In terms of content the manual varies from the physical components of the phone such as the memory card and programs built in the smartphone such as Google+ and Amazon Kindle. Instructions are complemented with visual aids to make following steps easy with arrows pointing indicating what component the text is being referred to.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone comes with a multitude of applications all in which has its own icon, the instruction manual clearly shows images of these icons and explain what they mean and what the function of each application is. Overall the instruction manual is well organized, easily accessible, and easy to understand. It may be a bit big for a phone manual but that is only because it explains functions for every specific aspect of the smart phone. The organized table of content includes simple titles so the user can easily determine what they are looking for.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual

Online Identity in a Networked World

With technology growing the use of social media grows as well, many people today are associated with some sort of social media such are Face Book and Google+. Social media profiles can either make or break your chances of getting a job, any public profiles can be viewed by everyone including employers.  Job seekers need to take caution in what they post online because it will “brand” them according to Ronda Scharlat in the article “Employers scour Web for details on applicants”.

Employers sometimes look online to check social media profiles for any inappropriate behaviors. So it will be wise to think twice before posting anything that may give you a negative view this can be pictures or comments of any sort. So be sure to erase any inappropriate activities online that may hurt your view on an employer. Social media profiles are easily accessible to employers, all it takes is a simple google search of the person’s name and anything set to public will be shown. This doesn’t imply that employers only base their recruits on only social media but often use them as a background check.

Social media can be used against any job seeker but why not use it to help them instead. In the article “Colleges Pay to Protect Students from Toxic Google Results” it shows that having an online profile can actually benefit job seekers. Posting comments and such in a professional manner can show how competent you can be to employers. A profile can reflect who the person really is, it can also show how responsible you are and the type of language being used also affects how employers will react. There are online services that can either erase or show your google result when your name is searched, is an example that provides these services its and as both a free service and a premium service.

Social media and social networking are used heavily in the present, and as the years go by more recruiters are using them. In the article “Guide to Social Media & Job Search” shows there are multiple things recruiters look for specifically in their searches and how much social media is being used by recruits over the past years.  Some things recruits look for in profiles are how people spend their free time, use of alcohol and illegal substances,  work and education history, and how well you are able to communicate with others.

As for myself I avoided unnecessary use of social media for the very fact that it’s used by employers so I wouldn’t have a particular “brand”, but using them in a professional manner can still benefit you in job searches. Personally I do not think its ethical for employers to “google” their job candidates but it is technically still in fair use due to the fact that users must accept the terms that states that the profile will be public so everyone can view it. Social media holds great power over what your job selection so use it wisely to not show a particular “brand” but how professional you can really be.