Class Notes for 11/26/14


  1. App
  2. Video game
  3. Circuit board
  4. Education
  5. Computer club support


12/3- continue surveys

12/10- peer reviews

12/17- write-up presentation; course reflection

For survey groups: Make a reflection on the changes made to the surveys and have rationales.

Class feedback on presentations:

App Group: Suggestion was made to make the App run on other open operating systems. Use the survey to find other suggestions on what features to add to the App.

Video Game Group: Include the content rating (such as M for mature, etc) in the game manual.

Circuit Board Group: Suggestion was made to create your own brand name for the game. Use some real people such as Nikola Tesla as part of the fun fact cards along with the currently used fictional characters.

Education- Student Survey Group: Design some questions that target specific information to guarantee useful answers. Specify which departments would receive the survey (includes both faculty and students).

Computer Club Support: Move the second question second to last on the survey. Suggestion on distributing the surveys in City Tech’s Voorhees building. Promoting the club saying that there are available computers during finals week can attract more members. Create posters to help promote the club.