Summary of “The Flight From Conversation”

In the article “The Flight From Conversation”  Sherry Turkle expresses her opinions on modern day communication and how it is affected by social media. Turkle explains how conversation is being sacrificed for communication, due to the fact that people in the present are always connected with their devices for texting, reading e-mails, etcetera. She continues and explains the new concept of “alone together” even though people don’t have face to face conversations as much as they use to, they are still communicating through social media. Turkle is also explaining that this form of communication is much more controlled; people are able to keep one another at distances of their own choice. “We are together, but each of us is in our own bubble, furiously connected to keyboards and tiny touch screens”, as mentioned earlier people are secluding themselves able to keep comfortable distances from others while still being able to communicate via social media. With all the changes in technology and the growth of technology the increase of connections has led to a loss in face to face conversation, Sherry Turkle concludes “So I say, look up, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation”, to reestablish the lost connection of conversation.


“The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle