Class Notes for 10/15/14

Important- Going forward reflection letters for all first drafts  

Key for summarizing an article:

  • First sentence should be title of the article and the thesis in your own words
  • Be sure to summarize in the present tense and in first person
  • Periods and commons inside quotation marks
  • Use MLA citation for summaries

Final Draft:

  1. Due next Wednesday 10/22/14
  2. Reflection: whole process including visibility testing both as the tester of others objects and your own
  3. Graphics
  4. Object
  5. Run visibility again
  • For instructions of prototype be sure to detail better, include graphics, simple wording, be sure to include all steps and try to keep it to one action per step

Votes for best Project:

Baloony 5

Can Chair 4

Critter 3

Circuit Board 2

Card House 1

Basketball 1

Crossbow 1