Tony, Samson, Goutam Annotated Bibliography

“5 Ways to Decide If Your Business Needs a Mobile App.” Business Daily News. N.p, 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. <>.

“5 Ways to Decide If Your Business Needs a Mobile App” is an article published by Business Daily News. It is about how to determine if a business needs a mobile app in 5 ways. In the article, the interviewee Michael LaVista, CEO and founder of Caxy, gives 5 ways to help a company decide whether or not they meet the basic requirement to create a mobile app.

We think that this article is very important and relevant to our project because our group is deciding to make a mobile app for our school base on City Tech website. It is important because this article provides detail that helps us think more about the purpose of the app, our target audience, the limitation of resource, and the platform it might be running on. This article will help us plan on creating the app later on.


Brian, Matt. “Mobile Apps: A look at what makes a good app great.” The Next Web. N.p, 16 July. 2011. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. <>.

“Mobile Apps: A look at what makes a good app great” is an article written by Matt Brian. This article is about what are the component that makes an app a great and popular mobile app. One of the major components to make a good app is “User Interface”, the author mentions that the UI can “instantly form an impression” as the user open an app at the moment. Matt Brian also said that a good looking app is more attractive than those are not. Another component is whether or not the app meets the needs of a user. Matt Brian argues that when users download an app, they tend to ask more from what the app already have. For example, more update with newer feature should be conducts every once a while. The author think that one of the major reason the Angry Bird became extremely popular is because the Rivio company added on more and more features when there is new update. The final component is market, Matt Brian mentioned how Rivio notice different OS platform users have different way of interacting with apps.

This article is relevant to our project is because we think that as we go along with our project, it will helps understand how to make a good looking app that can attract users and how to apply it. We also concerned about what our audience needs as we will conduct a survey to find out that question. The last concern is market which also most concerned. Since our audience will be both future and mainly current City Tech students, we will find out what feature they most use on City Tech website.


“Queens College Mobile.” App Store. N.p., n.d. Web.

Queens college apps is different from their school website. The apps content link to the main place in the college where students can locate information about the college. Links includes emergency, course and facebook. By looking at queens college apps we can have a general idea on how to build city tech college apps. We can improve from there website by adding links or remove links that should not be on the apps. The apps will help us to understand your audience more since we are going to target city tech student. Reading the comment in the comment section will give us an idea about things student like and dislike about the apps.

“Como App Maker – Make an App with Our Easy App Builder.” N.p.

This website allow people to create an apps without paying for it and can see how a apps look before making their final decision. The website allow people to choice for a wide variety of audience to build their apps for.The website will help us design the outlook for our apps to see what eh aps will look like before deploying for sales. It give you step by step instruction on how to build apps  It will emulate a apps but not deploy so we can get a sense of where we are going with the apps.


“UTSA Professor Studies Cell Phone Habits of College Students in US and South Korea | Science Codex.” Science Codex. N.p., 4 Nov. 2014. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

“UTSA professor studies cell phone habits of college students in US and South Korea”. This is the study of smartphone habits of college students in the United States and South Korea. The two countries were selected due to the higher rate of smartphone users. Almost a year of online survey was conducted with more than 1,600 students from both countries of their smartphone use. Studies shown Americans uses their smartphone mainly for social events, while Korean users are more interested in entertainment and information gathering.

This shows the usage and the habit of smartphone use in America and Korea. Since our focus is City Tech, we will focus the college students in America. American Students use their phone mostly for social media, texting, and email. We can incorporate those feature into our application.


“4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumber” Forbes. N.p., 10 Nov, 2014. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

“4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumber” by Rob Asghar. The author lists four reasons why smartphone are making people dumber. The author states a study which shows 81% of college students leave their phone within reach when they sleep. Overuse of smartphone cause people to sleep less at night, thus lowering their IQ. People have less contact with others.

Even though this article contradict our purpose of smartphone use. It is still relevant to our application. Overuse of smartphone does impair some of our ability. With this in mind, we can add a message in our application to advise users to not overuse their device and live their lives socially.