Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Goutam Seepersaud and I attend the New York City College of Technology. My major is CST and i focus in network Security, database and java programing. My main focus is database.

I am currently an intern at dubest media thefuture fm. My job include uploading and editing music track for dj to use. I also check the dj mix scan for copy right and that royalties is paid to musician who maid the music. In some case i will have to create a website for a dj to get their music out.

My hobbies include reading anime books sometimes watching anime television show. I also like reading article about computer, phone, tables and video game. i sometime play video game in my spear time.I also love science fiction and one of my favorite science fiction is star trek. I also like stand up comedy and going to comedy club. Some of my favorite comedian are Chris Rock,  Russell Peters and other. In my spear time i like to go bike riding and hiking in the park. In the summer time I like to travel around the country. As you can tell I am a tech guy. After graduating I would like to get a job as a database administrator