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My name is Anthony Delbrun. I got my name from the biblical Saint of Padua Anthony. I was born on April 26th, 1999 at Kings County Hospital at approximately 5:27pm. I lived in Brooklyn, NY, USA for all my life but as for my parents they were born in Haiti. I come from a Haiti background but I barely speak the language. As a young boy growing in East Flatbush, I was a shy boy who didn't speak up for myself until the age of 7. What made me enroll in the Communication Design field is my passion for videogames and drawing. While growing I never really had a career decided for myself. The fact that there were so many jobs out there to my liking I couldn't choose. First I wanted to work at a pizzeria since I love to eat pizza. Second, I wanted to be a scientist because I wanted to make a time machine and take a blast from the past. Now we ALL know that's not possible. Lastly, I made up a fantasy career of becoming a “Bus-Driver-Crasher” meaning I'd drive a bus and crash into many objects and people.
That had to be one of the dumbest ideas for a career ever! But since I was a little boy at that time I made it up, that's fine. It wasn't until my cousin from my dad's side who introduced me to videogames and drawing. From there on I experienced a passion for them, thus motivated me to become a Graphic Designer in videogames. Plus I wanted some excitement in my life. My skills are average but I’m still learning some techniques here and there so they will be useful in this field. A tagline to remember me is this: “Hard-work beats natural talent!” Also, I have an addiction to Japanese Anime! Look at my profile picture for example.

Final Project, Part 1: Story Proposal – Anthony Delbrun

Original Story: Short Stories: The Tortoise and the Hare by Aesop (

Story Concept: The original story is a hare that boasts it is the fastest animal and can beat anyone in a race. The tortoise overhears this and challenges the hare to a race. The hare accepts the challenge and the two animals race off. The hare outruns the tortoise and then stops to take a nap. The tortoise gets ahead of the resting hare and the hare sees the tortoise close to the finish line and knew it’s too late to catch up. The tortoise wins the race against the hare and says, “Slow and steady wins the race”. My version of this story would be that the hare and the tortoise are humans and instead of racing, they are having a fighting match. The hare being a street fighter who fights recklessly, while the tortoise is a martial artist using strategy and skills to beat the hare.

Characters: The hare and tortoise are the only characters in this story. In my version they are both pre-teens who are brothers. Hare is a 14 year old street-fighter while Tortoise is a 13 year old martial artist.

Story: One day while watching a fighting match between two people on TV in a small apartment complex, Hare starts a debate on who would win in a fighting match between a street fighter and a martial artist. Tortoise claims a martial artist would win and Hare argues a street fighter would mop the floor on MA. Hare challenges Tortoise to a bout in their backyard. Hare makes the first move and throws hysterical punches at Tortoise which aren’t connecting. Tortoise is analyzing his brother’s movements and waiting for an opening to strike Hare. Hare continuously throws reckless punches at Tortoise and Tortoise finally spots an opening on Hare and one-shots him with a karate chop to the neck. Hare collapses and is knocked-out. Tortoise whispers to the knocked-out Hare, “Always battle strategically.”

Discussion Week 10: Anthony Delbrun

Final Art (Color)

For this artwork I was thinking of using Christmas colors along with complementary colors. For the face masks and the male kid’s sweater I used cyan blue. For Santa Claus, the wrapping present on top of the box and the elf’s hat and strip on his shirt I used red. For the elf’s shirt and pants I used green yellow. For the elf’s shoes I used a dark shade yellow. For the sky I used blue marguerite. Lastly, for the skin of the humans and the box I used apricot. The white is snow and black is to depict the layer of snow and for the kid’s hair color.

Assignment 2, Part 3: Anthony Delbrun

Client: New York Times

Article: “Holidays Must Look Different This Year :


Concept Sketch:


Final Art:

The concept was to show the idea of negative emotions due to the holidays being different this year because of COVID-19. In addition, as you can see in the final art the male kid is upset that he can’t visit Santa’s Workshop because he has to practice social distancing. Santa and his elf give the boy a present and when the kid opens it he finds a box of masks. The kid starts crying and Santa and the elf make fun of him.

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