Weekly Reflective Journal #15

This is now the middle of my program, Disney classes have officially ended, however I am thinking about taking a couple of workshops. In the hopes of gaining more knowledge before I leave the program. The workshops are free as well, which is always a plus. I received two Ductorates for my classes. I am proud of myself for trying to juggle everything.



In the last week, I had a guest give me a racial comment. This is also not the first time that that has happened to me on the program, but the third time within 3 months. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot but it is when i’ve only been here for 3 months. Back in New York I don’t experience things like that, NYC literally has thousands of people from different backgrounds. They say that America is a melting pot, but really, I think New York City is THE melting pot. I brought this to the managements attention, because I was very upset about the situation. They just brushed it off and said that it’s best that I don’t say anything because I represent Disney as a brand, which I do understand. However, I don’t understand how they could just let someone like that into their park, that man could be harassing not only me but other cast members and other guests, which is worst for their brand. In the end, I am over it and my skin is thicker now. I have 3 more months here and will make the best of it.

There was also an accident that occurred near Animal Kingdom. A bus that takes the CP’s to AK was crashed into by a SUV holding an entire family. This created a huge fire on both ends. Investigators figured that the woman behind the wheel fell asleep and then continued to drive down the wrong lane. 11 were sent to the hospital, including the family in the SUV.

A fellow cast member and college programmer also passed away at one of the complexes here. May he rest in peace.

On a brighter note, I looked at my record recently and I found that I received 2 four keys card this month. I also made it on the Great Service Fanatics bulletin board for my area. I am happy that I’ve been recognized for my hard work.


dhs night front

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