Read and React #4

How to keep the magic alive, this is the most difficult question someone could ask me. I do not see the results of my work, I do not get to see the happiness of a child’s face when they get the gray stuff and smile because they can now try something that Princess Belle tried. I also have long shifts that prevent me from going to the parks so I always feel like Tinkerbell is forgetting to share her pixie dust with me.

However the times that I get, before having to wake up for overnight or on my days, I go to the parks and I see the magic. The magic that makes people forget about their worries and their stress. When you experience Disney you forget about everything, your schedule, school, and the magic just comes back to you. I even saw the results of my work when I had an encounter with a guest, they actually had a picture of a plate of gray stuff I plate. I knew it was mine because of the day they came and how it had been piped.

I had asked some of my coworker how they keep the magic of Disney alive and some were obvious like money but other say that, how many people in the world can say they work at Disney and visit anytime they want.  Also another way to think is that when we are in the kitchen, you forget sometimes were you work so when you actually go to the parks it doesn’t change the feeling you get when visiting the parks.

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