Reflective Weekly Journal #13

Classes are back in session and I am still working the 4am shift. I learned new tricks on how to make caramel, especially how not to burn yourself. I stood on this shift for the whole week because my co-cast member was taking vacation, working this shift was actually almost normal, I was able to go to bed later, and I was less tired in class. However I am trying to keep up with my overnight sleep schedule because next week I go back to working overnight. To be honest I prefer working overnight still despite the weird sleep patterns, however I might be going to nights again soon because some cast members are transferring.

Back at school we are preparing our final projects and I love my group’s idea. However we need to refine it a lot, there are too many details and everyone wants to run the group. The ideas that the rest of the class is coming up with also seem to need refinement, so my group isn’t alone. We are also preparing for a test, which is funny because how do you test creativity. In Human Resources we are also preparing our final projects, the group I am in chose NIKE, which I am excited to research about.

In my personal life at Disney, which is becoming more of my home every day, I now have a room to myself because my roommate found an amazing job because of Disney. I feel a bit alone, but not like before at my old apartment, I still feel at home here. I also got into a relationship, which I don’t know what is going to happen when I leave.

We will have to see what happens next.


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