Weekly Journal #13

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This week Florida has truly shown me how the weather can change ad dramatically as night and day. All week it has been extremely hot and humid. Most of my topic of conversation with customers is about the weather and how we are both getting through it. One of the customers asked me ” how do your stop yourself from jumping in this tub of ice?” *where we store our water bottles*. The sun was that amazingly strong that I pondered to myself why didn’t think of jumping in the tub of ice

On the last day of the week the sun was just as hot as ever. I had to refill my water bottle over 3 times to keep myself hydrated. The only difference from that day to any other is that I was not complaining about the sun by the end of it. About an hour before my cart was going to close I saw a big grey cloud making its way over Epcots World Show Case. The way that cloud was looking I knew we were in for a big one. Disney is very prepared for this kind of change in weather. For the employees we wait to hear from our leaders if we have to enter out lightening location to stay safe, if it is just raining we are equip with rain gear to keep us as dry as possible. The rain on this day though was like none other I have seen before.

My coworkers and I had just received the call about entering our lightening location. Lucky for us we did not have to mover anywhere because our cart was a lightening location. This wasn’t as lucky as we thought. While waiting for further information about what to do next we realized that the water level on the floor was was rising pretty quickly. After about ten minutes we realized this was more of a problem then we thought at first since the water was up top our ankles at this point. We called in our manager and was told to go to the kitchen back stage. When the managers went to go check on the flood in our kisoc they said the water had now reached up to their  upper calf. When hearing of the call they claimed they couldn’t really believe how much water had been piling itself up until they saw it for themselves. Usually the drains would take cake of the water but come to find out they were blocked with and excessive amount of leaves. This could be dangerous on so many levels but we were able to leave the scene earily enough enough before it became a bigger problem, got soaked in the process but at least we were all safe.

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