Read and React 5

Living, Learning and Earning is what the Disney College Program is all about. We all know the Learning part is about the collegiate courses that Disney offers, which I have learned so much from. Organizational Leadership and Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management has helped me discover more of my leadership skills and how I can use them in the hospitality industry. These two classes are very essential to my hospitality degree, I have learned so much in the Disney World that will be very helpful to me in the future as well.

The Earning part is what you earn from your role at Disney. Myself, as a vacation planner I earned so much knowledge about the parks, the sales, and the skills it takes to plan a magical vacation for our guests.

The Living part was probably the hardest one during these four months at Orlando. Living with strangers is not easy, there is so little you know about them and you don’t know their personality or if they are clean or not. The article “Our Roommates, ourselves” from The Atlantic explains more in detailed how is to live with a roommate, indeed a stranger. Roommates could influence you in different ways, in your way of living. After a few weeks living with them, you will feel like they are part of your life. This is how I feel now, I feel like I am going to miss all my roommates when we are all gone, because seeing each other everyday, hanging out has been part of our daily routine. It is going to be so hard going back home and not going to work at the most happiest place in the world, not going to play at the parks, not going to Disney classes but most importantly I am going to miss living with these awesome people I have met. And hopefully I will keep in contact with them after the program ends because these are friendships that will last forever.

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