Reflective Photo Journal #10

As of lately, my schedule at work has been changing drastically, therefore I have been getting less sleep. One day, I would work until late night and the next I would have to go to work early morning. It can be very tough since I don’t have a set schedule which means my sleeping patterns constantly change. However, I’ve learned that front desk at night is completely different than during the morning. At night, the front desk cashier has more responsibilities and has to multi-task more than in the morning. This is due to the fact that there is only one manager on duty after 12:00 am and this person is usually walking around the resort ensuring that all of the issues that arise are being taken care off.

Front desk cashiers are more free to perform a variety of tasks such as the traditional checking in guests, solving any inconvenience that arises for guests at night, sorting all the paperwork for the next day. sorting all of the bracelets that are left from cancelled reservations as well as the upcoming reservations for the next day. Since at night the front desk is short staffed it can get quite stressful since there aren’t many managers available and people have to wait a little longer than usual to solve any situations. I’ve learned a lot about how the company handles guest service recovery  and even though it can be really stressful, I love the job and I’m very happy to be given the opportunity to work for Disney.


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