Reflective photo journal #11

During this week, I worked a lot. Still during different time schedules. But now, I am more used to it. A few days ago I stopped and thought for a moment; I realized that I’ve been so into working and immersing myself in this new experience, that I didn’t even noticed this whole semester is going by pretty quickly. I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve learned so many thins about how a company operates and how difficult, stressful but most importantly rewarding it is to be to interact with people, or guests and how detailed you have to be when meeting their needs. I feel very happy to be able to put a smile on a guest’s face whenever a request is met. I discover that working in hotels is my passion and that now more than ever there’s not doubt that I chose the right career path.

I feel a little sad that the program is coming to an end. I wanted to stay longer and explore more Disney and learn more about the company and get more involved in their activities in order to expand my knowledge. For this reason I decided to apply for extension and remain in the program a few extra months. I will not be in the same role as a front desk cashier but it will still be a great opportunity to learn more, explore and experience a different role.

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