Reflective Photo Journal #11


This week I have been having a lot fun at work as well as at school, last Wednesday in my Advance Hospitality Management class the professor gave us an assignment to do. The assignment was about that a group of five had to go to one of the parks and do an audit type of thing, meaning we had to go as a guest and observe  the level of service that Disney provides for their guests. Also, we had to ask questions to some cast members to see how knowledgeable their are about their roles. Since we had the choice the decide what park we can to go to, we decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon. First, I will start with my first impression about this beautiful park, when we got to the main pool that is one of the biggest one in the park I was really amazed to see such wonderful place. I was asking to  myself how they came have a pool that look just like a beach. They literately have real sand around the pool and in almost in the whole park, the park really look just a like a Lagoon  The attractions rides that they have in there also got me like WOW! for the entire time I was there, I could not believe they even have a ten an half feet Shark Reef where people can get in with a life jacket to see all types of fishes, and Sharks. I have to say that when I went in the water, I could not believe what I was seeing, even though I was so scared because I don’t know how to swim, really enjoyed to see the Sharks and different fishes of different colors. It was really new and excited for me.

About the service level that I experienced, as always it was excellent. As soon as we got into the park we were asking for direction to go eat, the cast member that assisted us was a custodial, she seems to be very knowledgeable and friendly. She knew all the names of the food locations, in addition she even suggested us what to eat in case if were not sure of what to eat. Another role that was performed very well was the lifeguard, all the lifeguards were very focus on their role making sure everybody in the pool was safe.

I really enjoyed every second at the Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark, everything was perfect the level of service, the cast members, the weather, and of course my classmates that all together did such an wonderful teamwork. Even though we got a little distracted by all the wonders in  the park we never lost our focus which was complete our assignment.

ty#1    This photo shows when people are in the Shark Reef to see the Sharks and other beautiful fishes in there. Out of all the attractions, this was the one that really amazed me the most!.

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