Reflective Photo Journal #10

This week has been full of emotions and mixed feelings, during this time at work I have made a lot of great friendship. I understand that in today’s world networking is really important to move up professionally and personally. The reason why I’ve been having mixed feelings is because my time is almost over at Art Of Animation and I was already getting use to the people and the place, I cannot believe how fast the time went by. Today I realize that I only have three weeks left in my work location, I still remember my first day of work, at first I thought that these months seeing to be the longest because housekeeping is one of the hardest job people can imagine. Housekeeping requires a lot of physical work, I never thought I was going to be this strong to survive all this time. Although I am excited and happy that I’m about to get out of housekeeping, at the same time I feel that I will miss the environment and even the job itself. Besides meeting knew people in housekeeping I have learned a lot things that have made me stronger, now I feel that I can face or do anything after this. Because of this experience I met a whole new aspect of myself, being in such of hard department to work in I learned that with dedication and hard work anything is possible in life.

Overall, today I Understand that in order for a person to be prepared and more knowledgeable professionally and personally they need to start from the bottom, because of that way in the future when they become leaders in a company they will be able to make the right decision when it come to employees because they already went through that and know how it feels like to work in an entry level position.

Today I was making my last room when I stop for a second to observe my view that has been there for the past three mounts and because I’m always been really busy making sure all my rooms were done on time, I’ve never stopped to enjoy my view that has been around me all this time. I know I will miss this when I’m gone.

Here is a photo from my window!.




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