Weekly Reflective Journal #10

This week has been a bit hectic with the projects being due and everything. For advanced hospitality class, we have a group project which requires us to make our very own website or a minimum of 25 page essay regarding our topic. The topics that were given were different for every group. My group was given value resort. For example, a value resort at Walt Disney World would be, Art of Animation, Pop Century, All Star Movies and All Star Sports. Our value resort was named Ohana and had a Hawaiian theme to it.

The line of business I ran was Housekeeping, I was the Executive Housekeeping Director. This project was a fun way to gain a little more knowledge into the hospitality industry in terms of building your own website and building a team. We had tasks where we would have to format an entire training session. The most fun I had doing this project was definitely writing my own biography. Our professor encouraged us that we didn’t have to be telling the truth since we were executives running the hotel, there was no way we were in our early to mid 20’s. I was able to write about the life I dreamed of, it was quite exciting. This included schools that I’ve wanted to attend and jobs I wished I was offered.

Now that this project is due, our next assignment is us becoming a secret shopper auditing a park. I’ve never been a secret shopper nor have I’ve ever gotten one. However, the best way to ace it is basically doing the right work every single time. That way no one can catch you slipping. The park my group picked was EPCOT, we had to go around different lines of business and ask them the same questions, after that answer the questions in the way we perceived it.

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