Reflective Journal #9

This week seemed to pass by quick, most of my week considered of moving to a new apartment and getting used to new roommates. However I gained a certain peace when I moved into my new place, like this apartment is my new chance to really enjoy my stay at Disney. When I walked in I was greeted by my first roommate, who had asked me if I had a lot of stuff to move and if I would of liked some help. This had been my first sign that my roommates would have been different and I would be more welcomed.

Since my roommates were able to help me move, I was able to move all my stuff in one day. My first night I collapse into my bed and rested soundly, a sense of happiness all around me. When I woke up I noticed something I didn’t have at my other apartment which was that I wasn’t alone. That morning I actually ate breakfast and went to enjoy the sun at the pool. As I relaxed I could feel the stress just leaving me and a new chapter at Disney opening.

Even work seemed to get better as this week we actually had three people on the shift and I realized I had gotten faster with scooping cupcake batter and piping cream puffs. This week I even was able to joke around with my coworkers as we worked. Being with only one other person was actually helping me to get faster with my skills and helping me to time manage and refine the work we had to do for the day.

When I came back to my apartment at the end of the week all I could think was, “I am home.”

Let’s see what happens next week on my journey at Disney.


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