Read and React #3

I had an opportunity to network with so many different kinds of people. People from all over the world, varying ages as well. Even though, some of them might not help me get somewhere, I’m happy to learn about their story and why they wanted to work at Walt Disney World. 

I have not had a chance to trail a manager yet or to complete management tasks. Although, I do understand what it means to enter a management position with WDW. It means putting a lot of effort in continuing on Walt Disney’s legacy. Teaching and fulfilling the four keys that makes Walt Disney World what it is today.

To enter a management position with WDW, you have to be a great leader. Actually, any management position in any company would involve great leadership. Being a manager requires being a role model. Somebody that your employees can talk to and confide-in in times of need but can put their foot down when something is not right. Being in a management position means having superb knowledge on the company, making difficult decisions and much more.

An example of how I was able to better understand the role played by my managers and leaders was when I asked a manager to take something off of my record because it was a mistake. No questions asked, management said okay and asked me to check back online in a couple of business days. Within two days, I saw that particular thing erased on my record. I then also saw the manager that I spoke to and she asked If I looked at my record card. I was impressed on how fast it was done. It showed me that the managers in my location are efficient and able to do what they say.

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