Reflective Journal #6

Week six at Disney and it was crazy. I still did not get a chance to go to the parks. The reason being was because I was getting used to the new overnight schedule which is way different from the night schedule. My co-cast members are fast and we have a schedule to keep in order to get out on time. However on my third day I was left alone on a station and even though I had help from my co-cast member it was a lot of work for two people to do. I wonder if this is how it will be like this all time with just two people working and if so I got my work cut out for me.

My trainer is awesome she worked as a pastry cook since she was 11 working her family’s bakery. She is quick and precise with how she explains how things have to be done. She made sure I knew how things were done and ensured that I knew the step and timing things had to be done by. She was extremely patient me and answered all my questions. However she was only with me for two days and then I had to be almost solo in my station. My co-cast member who was also with me that day balanced what she was doing and also assisted me with whatever I needed. She was also patient and I guess they understand that it is a lot of numbers and steps you need to remember in order to get things done. I really enjoy this schedule though because there is always something to do as well as the fact that once I get used to it I will get the chance to go to the parks.

An unseen circumstance might arise, after March 10 my apartment will be at 50% capacity which might lead me have to move to another apartment or another complex. I am hoping that I don’t have to move however I guess I will see in the coming weeks what will happen.

Let’s see what is coming to happen next on my journey here at Disney.


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