Weekly Reflective Journal #6

This week in class we have been making progress in our group project. We decided to make a website about our value resort instead of writing a paper. We will be using  wix.com because it is free and also very helpful for new starters. We have so far the name and the theme of our resort, the quality standard, vision and mission statement, a SWOT analysis, market analysis, line of businesses and their specific positions. Putting all of this together will create a successful business.

At work I had a training class called Product Knowledge, it’s a specific class for Vacation Planners to learn more about the parks, not just the four theme parks but also the water parks and other fun options Disney offers such as Golf courses and Arcade games like Disney Quest. It was a very fun class because we were not only sitting in a classroom looking at videos, but we got to explore Magic Kingdom on an amazing 3 hour walking tour. We also got the opportunity to ride some of the attractions such as The Haunted Mansion which is one of the oldest attractions here in Disney. Another classic is the Jungle Cruise, which they also have it at Disneyland. I also learned that Pirates of the Caribbean was a ride before a movie.

In Magic Kingdom we have a land called Liberty Square which is themed after Colonial America and there is a replica of the Liberty bell because 50 replicas were ordered to make to give to all of the states however Pennsylvania already had the original one so it was given to Disney World for commemorating the colonial era. That makes Florida the only state that holds two replicas of the Liberty bell. I also learned that Animal Kingdom is the biggest park, they don’t have as many attractions as Magic Kingdom but just the Kilimanjaro safari is as big as Magic Kingdom.

Product Knowledge class helped me a lot to gain more knowledge about the parks so that I can tell guests what to expect at each park and not just Animal Kingdom. That could also help me to get better at ticket sales because I can explain it better to the guests specially about other options such as water park, fun and more.


Kilimanjaro Safari


Liberty Square

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