Reflective Journal #4

This is my official fourth week here at Disney. The time passes by so slow yet quick. I started to notice that I forget what day of the week it has been or how much time has passed. I still have not found time to go to the parks and I feel like I cannot get the hang of the stuff I have to do at work. I feel like I am so slow at this job but I keep pushing to keep up and get better every day. I do not want to give up I just came here and I will be a contestant at this game of, “Who can make it at Disney?”

This week I actually got to finish plating cupcakes and pastries on time. I felt like progress is happening and I will get better. Until I found out I have class next week and I am scheduled to work those days and I had to talk to the chef, which although he is approachable I just didn’t want to tell him I need to take off and give of chance of leaving a coworker alone to work a shift. However I know I need to be in class on my first day so I talked to the chef, who had been surprised that I taking classes and doing the culinary program but he was able to switch my schedule. I was able to go to Disney Springs and walk around and enjoy a piece of Disney. I realized that when I walked through Disney Springs and saw all the changes being made, it was the definition of how Disney has been able to surpass the effects of a business as time goes by. It’s now a lively area where you can go shop, eat food and just have a good time with friends.

I hope that I can manage class, work and still have for the parks. Also it will be nice to see fellow cast members from Citytech. See you next week.

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