Read and React #3

During these weeks I have learned a lot of new helpful things at my work place and outside of work , I have been able to meet all of my leaders, including the general manager. One of the most important thing in our career is networking, so far, all of my leaders are very kind and friendly and are always there to help whenever any cast member needs assistance. The essential thing at work is communication. I consider myself very lucky because last week I had the the opportunity to  perform management tasks, and I also could say that I have been cross trained because my manager asked me to do the house person task, she told my that she sees in me as a very potential worker in the Hospitality industry. The house person work that I performed is to assist all the housekeepers on one floor to provide all the supplies they need. After I finish helping the housekeepers my manager called me to her office to help her to close the building. we were in her office for like one hour doing some paper work and receiving all the phone calls from the housekeepers. Also, I have been able to do some networking with other co-workers as well as with some leaders and coordinators. One of the coordinators that I have networked with is Ana de la Rosa, she is very friendly and has been helping me a lot. She gave me her personal phone number and she told me that I can feel free to call her in case of an emergency or if I need any help. I feel very fortunate because my manager and coordinator really like me and that means I do have an opportunity to keep networking and learning from them.

I have learned that in order to attain a management position, you need to have an overall understanding of the front of the house as well as the back of the house For example, all of my leaders know how to perform front desk cashier duties as well as housekeeping duties. They have an overall understanding how does everything work and have assisted in all positions that involve front desk and direct interaction with guests. They are also very efficient in guest service recovery which is very critical in this line of business. Being here working with all these leaders will help me how to learn to success in this competitive industry.

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